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Blog - Why choose rubber stamps to brand your SME business


When it comes to the world of business, rubber stamps are typically associated with dull administrative tasks or officious-looking bookkeepers.


However, rubber stamps are actually much more than that, and can be used to do everything from improving your brand image and cutting costs to making your business more sustainable.

Here are four reasons why you should use rubber stamps to brand your SME business.


Handcrafted look

Small businesses often use the one-off nature of their products to separate them from the rest of the market, capitalising on the fact that their handcrafted goods can’t be found anywhere else. But using expensive packaging or having labels printed can impact the handmade feel of your products and make them look too commercial. By keeping things simple and using a customised rubber stamp to personalise your packaging, you can effectively brand your products and keep that coveted handmade feel.


Clear branding

As a business gets bigger, the number of things you need to brand can grow exponentially. There’s the packaging and letterheads, labels and delivery notes, even your envelopes will eventually need branding. Using stamps instead of getting everything printed individually will save you hundreds of pounds in the long run and give you greater control over where you source packaging and paper – something you’ll struggle to do if everything is outsourced to a printer.


Business cards

Have you ever tried to get a set of personalised business cards printed? The costs can be staggering, especially if you’ve just started out and need to keep costs down. With a customised rubber stamp, you can produce hundreds of low-cost branded business cards whenever you like and show off your creative side, a real boon if your business sells homemade goods.


Loyalty Cards

Years ago, before the emergence of online shopping, the number of businesses you had to compete against was much smaller and customer loyalty was relatively easy to win. Nowadays, however, customers have a lot more choice and are under a lot less pressure to stay with the same brand. Using loyalty card stamps can help you incentivise return business and encourage greater customer loyalty over time.