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Pottery Stamp 30mm diameter

Your Price £54.55

  • Are you a potter or ceramic artist? Why not stamp your handmade creations with a personalised signature, artist name or logo?

  • This is a perfect way of leaving your mark on your work and is a historical record of who made it!

  • Ideal for making an impression into soft materials such as dough, clay and soap.

  • Our lasers will engrave your custom design onto an acrylic block.

  • The acrylic block will subsequently be provided with a mount and wooden handle.

  • The tough acrylic is cut a little deeper than usual to ensure a clear and crisp impression is achieved when pressed into a soft surface.

  • Our acrylic stamps can also be used for making an impression in soap, if you are a soap maker it is a brilliant way of branding your products without the need to buy expensive packaging. Simply stamp your soap after cutting and wrap up in tissue paper.