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Shiny Premier Line Pre-inked Stamp EA-185

SKU: EA-185
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  • Shiny Premier Line Pre-inked Stamps use flash technology to produce exceptional impression quality whilst eliminating the need for stamp pads

  • Produced using only top quality inks and flash materials

  • Soft handle allows for a better grip and comfort

  • Thousands of stamping impressions before re-inking is required

  • Re-ink using Eminent Speed Ink

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  • e ink is contained within the stamp assembly so no separate ink pad is required.

  • Several thousand perfect impressions before starting to fade.

  • Easy to re-ink for thousands more impressions.


  • Available in black, red, blue, green, violet, orange, pink, yellow, burgundy, brown and sea blue ink

  • Remember, order before 9am - we will despatch the same day (Mon to Fri)!
Can be made to any shape (ie circular, oval etc) and may include grids, borders, text and/or logos