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Reiner Speed-i-Marker 940

SKU: R940
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  • The speed-i-Marker 940 is a mobile inkjet printer that marks products and packaging simply and quickly. It is also capable of automatic numbering, time and date. It can print text, logos and barcodes

  • This compact device is available with the proven MP inks. The quick-drying ink makes it possible to print safely and cleanly, even on non- porous surfaces such as metal or plastic

  • Printing is done by rolling the speed-i-Marker 940 over the object that is to be marked

  • When working on the move, the battery has sufficient capacity for up to 1,000 prints. Thus, small lot sizes can be printed quickly and efficiently. By being able to apply the print directly to the surface of the object, the speed-i-Marker 940 offers a high level of protection against tampering

  • Print layouts can be designed on a PC using the specially developed software. Numbers, dates, times, text, logos and barcodes can easily be placed at the required positions using drag and drop. A total of four print layouts can be stored in the device. The software can be deployed on all standard Windows® operating systems. Mobile or stationary marking have never been easier!

  • Using the MP ink, it is even possible to print on non-porous surfaces such as metal and plastic. The ink dries quickly so that the print cannot smudge. Mobile,convenient and easy to program.

  • Numbers, dates, times, text, logos and barcodes in multi line print layouts

  • The print layout can be created simply and quickly at the PC and transferred by USB

  • Mobile or stationary marking The product to be marked is printed by rolling the speed-i-Marker 940 over the surface or alternatively by using a contactless process

  • Prints quickly and quietly on smooth and rough surfaces. Integrated capping of the print cartridge.

  • Contact us now for a demonstration.

  • The package:
    speed-i-Marker 940, Inkjet print cartridges, installation CD ROM (Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7), USB charger, USB cable, two rechargeable AA batteries and a user manual

  • Technical data:
    Dimensions: (W x D x H) 47 mm (13⁄4”) x 147 mm (53⁄4”) x 221 mm (83⁄4”) Weight: approx. 530 g (1.1 LBS) Max. print area dimension: (W x H) 140 mm (51⁄2”) x 12.7 mm (1⁄2”) Max. print speed: 400 mm/s (15 ”/second) Print resolution:300dpi Battery capacity: Upto 1,000prints. Print technology: Inkjet

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