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Noris 007 Ink

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  • Dries on plastics and non-absorbent surfaces within minutes, but stays moist on your ink pad for weeks. (NB as with all ink pads, they will need re-inking the more you use the stamp)

  • When using this ink with Rubber Stamps the Noris Versatile Ink Pad will keep your ink usable for longer.

  • Reactivating Solvent available.

  • Perfect for all sorts of surfaces - fast-drying, permanent ink for multiple surfaces such as plastic, metal, glossy cardstock and more.

  • Typical drying time: 2 - 5 minutes

  • Dermatological tested (black only) - download certificate pdf (NB once dry this ink is more difficult to remove than waterbased ink)

  • Can be used with rubber and self-inking stamps (with dry felt pads).

  • 30ml bottle (250ml, 1,000ml and 5,000ml also available)

  • Ink colours available: black, red, blue and white.

  • Black ink tested by external American institute and confirms to regulation A-A-208. (Approved for use by all departments and agencies of the US Department of Defence). Certificates available upon request.

  • Download the Material Safety Data Sheet 

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