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Custom Logo
Loyalty Card Self-inking Rubber Stamp

SKU: S-510LC
Your Price £14.88
List Price £21.26
You Save £6.38

  • Upload your own logo and/or add bespoke text

  • A Metal Chain with fastener, a Retractable Cord with a clip or a Lanyard can be attached at the point of order.

  • This self-inking rubber stamp is made from tough heavy-duty plastic which provides a long lasting stamp capable of making thousands of impressions over many years.
  • Impression size 10 x 10mm approx.
  • This self-inking rubber stamp comes fitted with a water-based ink pad, great for stamping onto matt uncoated surfaces and is easily replaced once the ink runs out.
  • Ink pad colours available: black, red, blue, green, violet, bordeaux, brown, yellow, mint, orange, pink, turquoise and dry (un-inked).
  • A dry pad is available when using quick dry inks such as 007, P196 and P191.
  • This is a water-based ink which will not dry on glossy paper. Please see Quick Dry Ink Stamps for glossy and non-porous surfaces
  • Spare ink pad ref: S-510-7.