Speed-i-Jet 798

  • NB: Ink is only suitable for and will only dry on absorbent surfaces only (paper, card, etc).
  • The all in one solution for printing on absorbent surfaces.
  • The experts at REINER present an conveniently small and compact device. The name Speed-i-Jet 798 stands for a completely new product idea. You can print on any desired absorbent object, with or without contact, even if it has an irregular or uneven surface. That makes the innovative speed-i-Jet 798 ideal for mobile assignments.
  • Print without labels.
  • There are numerous potential fields of application use. Examples from the large variety of possible applications are such as in logistics departments, QA systems, and medical practices. A perfect example is the release of goods for dispatch following a visual inspection. In future, such example tasks can be carried out quickly and efficiently using a speed-i-Jet 798. So long to the days in which you had to use labels for these jobs.
  • Plug-and-Play.
  • Besides the speed-i-Jet 798 itself, the speed-i-Jet 798 package contains an installation CD-ROM for all common Windows® operating systems. After the software is installed, all the texts you need can be defined in the program, and then are sent to the speed-i-Jet 798 via an included USB cable. And of course, you can change the freely configurable text as often as you need using the software.
  • And now it's ready for use!
  • Position the Speed-i-Jet 798 above the surface you need to print on and press the red button as you move the pen along. Depending how fast the user moves the Speed-i-Jet 798 over the surface, the typeface will be print wider or narrower – the user's arm moves the print head over a page instead of a motor in the printer. With a little practice, you will quickly achieve your desired impression.
  • Prints up to 40 characters in one line.
  • Battery life gives up to 10,000 prints, 60 day stand-by.
  • Warranty Included: 12 months.
  • Cartridge: allows for up to 15,000 prints per from a single cartridge (the required standard HP ink cartridges).
  • NB: Ink is only suitable for and will only dry on absorbent surfaces only (paper, card, etc).

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