Endorsing Ink for Stamp Pads, for general use (paper etc) - 25ml

  • Endorsing ink is for use on papers and all other absorbent materials, colours are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green Violet, Orange, Brown, Pink and Yellow.
  • Suitable to be used with both Rubber and Self-inking Stamps.
  • Order before 12 noon - dispatched the same working day!

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[EINK] - 25ml


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Monica Terpolilli 25th May 2020

I need the stamp rubber and the ink for textile
Please let me now the option
Regards Monica

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On 18th Aug 2018 Charlotte Basten asked:


I run an eco-friendly business and I stamp my boxes with our logo, I am looking for a bottle of ink to refill my stamp pad do you do a water soluble or biodegradable ink that is safe for the environment?

If you do how much will I need to refill a stamp pad thei size: 110 x 70mm?

Thank you for your help.


On 20th May 2019 Speedy Stamps replied:

Sorry for the delay of our reply - this was due to a technical error.

This endorsing ink is water based so it should be suitable for stamping onto boxes. The actual specifics of the ink can be seen on the spec sheet which we can send over to you if you want to contact us directly on mail@speedystamps.co.uk

On 13th Jan 2015 Laura Scott asked:

Hi, I am looking for ink that can be used on skin that you do not require a UV light for, would this ink be suitable?

On 13th Sep 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Laura

Thank you for you question, the 110 endorsing ink is suitable for use on skin, only the UV ink requires a UV light, all the other ink colours don\'t require a UV light.



On 13th Jan 2015 ?ouise asked:

Hi, would this ink be suitable for hand stamping on brown paper bags & how much does the bottle contain.
If this ink isn't suitable do you stock any others that might work ?

On 8th Sep 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:


Thank you for your message, the 110 endorsing ink is suitable for stamping on to uncoated paper bags, if you are stamping on to coated bags you will require 191 quick drying ink for use with self-inking stamps.

Speedy Stamps

On 13th Jan 2015 Jenny James asked:

I am ordering some self inking stamps and need gold ink - can your recommend a product? Thank you.

On 12th Dec 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Jenny

We wouldn\'t recommend using a gold ink due to the problems we have had in the past, Gold and Silver ink seem to cause a transparent impression on paper, also the felt in the ink-pads struggle to absorb the gold and silver inks due to the pigment properties in these inks

Sorry to sound negative, but I don\'t want to sell you an ink which you may have problems with, I can recommend any other ink colours.

Many Thanks


On 13th Jan 2015 John asked:

Are the endorsing inks water-based? (ie not oil or solvent based)

On 9th Jan 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi John

Yes our endorsing inks are water based and not oil or solvent



On 13th Jan 2015 Jamie asked:

Hi, I'm purchasing a small stamp, 25mm x 25mm and require a stamp pad and white ink? Any advise on the size and product I need?

On 21st May 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Jamie

Thank you for your question.

You can use either a self-inking stamp or a traditional rubber stamp with a separate ink-pad with the white ink, you then apply the white ink to the dry ink-pad supplied with the stamp, please note don\'t overfill the ink-pad, apply several drops of ink to the pad and test the stamping impression.


Speedy Stamps Ltd

On 13th Jan 2015 Ceri asked:

i have just purchased a HERI2102 Heri 2102 Travel Stamp from you and wondered if this is the refil ink for it?

On 31st Jul 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:


Thank you for your order, yes the 110 edorsing ink is the correct ink for re-inking the small stamp pad in the travel stamp.



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