Colop EOS Pre-inked Stamp

These Colop pre-inked stamps provide a modern looking stamp with exceptional impression quality whilst eliminating the need for stamp pads, giving up to 50,000 impressions before Re-inking is required, supplied with a dust cover to protect the impression area. The prices include the cost of your custom made design. Remember, order before 1pm - dispatched 2 to 3 working days!

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On 2nd May 2020 Simon GREENWOOD asked:


How do I order the EOS10 - 29 x 10mm with quick dry black ink (needs to print on a non porous beer bottle label). I require purely just a changeable date stamp, in this format ie. 12 MAR 2020. Is this possible? Thanks.

Best regards


On 4th May 2020 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi there. The EOS10 is not available with a quick drying ink - for a dater stamp, please see our dater section here:


Order these with a dry felt ink pad and then a bottle of quick drying ink seen here:


If you have any more questions on it, feel free to email us on mail@speedystamps.co.uk

On 29th Nov 2018 kay lloyd asked:

Hi we have this stamp is it possible to buy replacement ink pads or do you re-ink using ink

On 21st May 2019 Speedy Stamps replied:

Thank you for your enquiry. Apologies for the delay, this was due to a technical error.

With the pre-inked stamps you re-ink the stamp using ink. The Colop EOS Pre-Inked Stamps have a particular EOS-Ink that is used to re-ink this product.

On 13th Jan 2015 Michelle asked:

Is it possible to create a stamp that includes our company logo (red and blue) with a changeable roller dial date, please?

On 10th Jun 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Michelle

Yes we can produce a custom multi colour self-inking Stamp with a changeable date, however there must be a 2.5mm gap between each colour on your logo, please forward you logo to mail@speedystamps.co.uk and we will send you a stamp proof and quote by return mail.

Speedy Stamps

On 13th Jan 2015 Bob Holmes asked:

Is the ink you use indelible? and also suitable for cloth.

On 11th Sep 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Bob

Thank you for your question, the eos ink is not suitable for use on cloth, you will require our 191 ink or the 8300P, these inks are both suitable for stamping on to cloth.


Speedy Stamps Ltd

On 13th Jan 2015 Elaine Beautridge asked:

Hi I am looking for a custom stamp which has two line with three boxes
date authorised Price Check Authorised
Blank line underneath so info can be completed

Are you able to provide such a product - this is to check date and authorise invoices within our school.


On 31st Jan 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Elaine

Thank you for your question, yes we can produce any custom made stamp to your requirements, if you can forward a rough sketch of the design with the stamp impression size you require via email to mail@speedystamps.co.uk we will send you a stamp proof and quote by return mail.

Many Thanks

Speedy Stamps Ltd

On 13th Jan 2015 Linda Smith asked:

I am looking for a self inking stamp that has two independend number selectors.
I need both on the same stamp for example
Paying in slip number............
Do you supply anything that would fit this request.

On 1st Jul 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Linda

Thank you for your question,

The EOS stamps are custom stamps only.

Do you require the number and date to be changeable on the stamp? if so please advise the characters size you require and we will send you a proof and quote by return mail.

Many Thanks


On 13th Jan 2015 Chris asked:

Hi I need to mark / stamp the top surface of DVDs with our company name. Will these stamps work on DVDs? Ideally it would also work on paper books

On 31st Mar 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Chris

Thank you for your question, if you are stamping on to a plastic surface the EOS ink will not dry out, I would recommend a self-inking stamp with out 191 quick drying ink, drying time is approximately 60 seconds.

Speedy Stamps

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