3mm 4Band Rubber Numberer Stamp

4 changeable bands with 3mm high characters Rubber Line numberer stamp have easy changeable 0 - 9 bands and are built to last. Remember, order before 12noon - dispatched same working day postage free!

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[NO3-04] - 3mm


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On 29th Aug 2019 Jules asked:

Does this have a UK pound sign - £?

On 29th Aug 2019 Speedy Stamps replied:


Not as standard no - but we can replace bands with fixed pieces of rubber on instead which would work for a small extra charge. Please email us on mail@speedystamps.co.uk for more information and pricing.

On 3rd Sep 2018 Dan Walsh asked:

Is it possible to get a 3 band stamp?

On 20th May 2019 Speedy Stamps replied:

Sorry for the delay of our reply - this was due to a technical error.

On this stamp, you can blank off one of the bands to make it print just 3 characters.

On 13th Jan 2015 Rebecca Rees asked:

I need a small stamp to stamp a batch number onto the base of a glass bottle.
the ink needs to be indelible and the stamp quite small as the base of the bottle is only about 4cm wide. I need to be able to change the numbers on the stamp but only need at the maximum six numbers.
Do you have a product that fits this description?
Rebecca Rees
01656 765482

On 22nd Feb 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

HI Rebecca

Thank you for your question.

Yes we can supply an ink suitable for stamping on to glass bottles, we also supply rubber number stamps with small 3mm characters high, if you advise how many changeable numbers you require for your rubber numberer stamp we send you a quote by return mail.

Many Thanks


On 13th Jan 2015 Nikki asked:

Hi, this is the perfect size for me but I need ink that will mark waterproof cosmetic labels. Do you have anything suitable?

On 28th Jul 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:


If you require a quick drying ink for coated labels, you will require 196 quick drying ink and a uni-pad lll

Speedy Stamps

On 13th Jan 2015 Gareth Jones-Barnes asked:

the 4 numbered stamp - which states it is 3mm high . can you advise the width of the stamp area as i only have an area of 5mm x 10mm to use a stamp. will the stamp fit or can you do a 3 numbered stamp same 3mm size??

On 20th May 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Gareth

Thank you for your question, the width of the 3mm 4 band rubber number stamp is about 15mm, there has to be gap between the bands so the wheels can turn.



On 13th Jan 2015 Pascale asked:

Hi, i need a stamp to mark batch numbers on product labels (cosmetics). The labels are oil proof vinyl so ink won't mark them, so I'm looking to make a indent on the label with the batch number, would this stamp do that (without ink)? Or another that you sell? I only need 4 numbers maximum. Thanks for your help!

On 24th Apr 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Pascale

if you require a fixed number we can produce an embossing press which will make a indent on your labels, however if you require a machine with changeable numbers then the only option would be to have a stamp with a quick drying ink suitable for stamping on to coated papers/stickers.

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