117 Neon Glow Inks Fluorescent Under UV Light on Paper and Skin

  • Noris 117 Neon UV Glow inks give a fluorescent effect on white paper and Skin under UV light
  • Available in four ink colours, Orange, Yellow, Green and Pink.
  • Order before 12 noon - we will dispatch the same working day!

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[NEON] - 25ml


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On 13th Apr 2020 Eve asked:

Does each colour remain true to itself when under UV, or do they change colour? Thanks!

On 14th Apr 2020 Speedy Stamps replied:


As they are UV inks, they do not show anything when no UV light is being exposed to them - it's when the torch/light is shined on them that you will then see the colour itself which will be as per the bottle.

Hope that makes sense.

On 13th Jan 2015 Alex asked:

How much is in one bottle?
Is the ink visible as the colour when not under UV light?

On 23rd Jan 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Alex

Thank you for your question,

The 117 Neon Glow ink bottle sizes are 25ml you should get a few thousand impressions for each 25ml bottle. Regarding the stamping impression, the impression is visible without the UV light but the impression is fluorescent under the UV light.

Hope this make sense

Many Thanks


On 13th Jan 2015 Sanchez asked:

Can i put this ink into an ink pad and use it for my stamp?

On 5th Mar 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:


Thank you for your question,

Yes you can add the Neon UV ink to your dry ink pad, please be carefull not to over ink the pad, simply apply several drops of ink until the pad is covered, and repeat when needed.



On 13th Jan 2015 Tahmid asked:

is this ink glow visible under blue uv light ? or maybe any uv light?

On 12th Mar 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Tahmid

Thank you for your question

The Neon Glow ink is visible once it is stamped on paper or card, however the neon glow ink becomes fluorescent under a UV light.



On 13th Jan 2015 Tahmid asked:

so does that mean it does shine bright under UV light?

On 14th Mar 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Tahmid

Yes the 117 Neon Glow ink make the stamp impression shine brighter under a UV light



On 13th Jan 2015 Hyrum Montes asked:

I am in need of ink that would be suffice for about 300 invitations for a Halloween i have been hosting for the past 10 years. Each year people duplicate my invitations to try and gain entrance. I need a ink that wont show when i stamp it on my invitations and will only show under a black light. i would love for your expertise since you do design and sell these inks. Thank you!

On 2nd Oct 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:


Depending on the stamp size, 1 to 2 bottles of the 117 Neon glowing ink will be sufficient to stamp 300 invitations.

Speedy Stamps

On 13th Jan 2015 Rose asked:

I am looking for a quick drying ink that is suitable for stamping on skin for re-entry stamps. I don't want to go to the expense of buying UV equipment. will this ink be visible enough on any skin colour; and which colour would best show across a range of skin colours? I need to make 3 small ink pads will one bottle on ink be enough?

On 28th Apr 2014 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Rose

Thank you for your message,we recommend endorsing ink for stamping on to skin, please visit our website where you will find our self-inking hand stamps suitable for stamping on to skin.

Many Thanks

Speedy Stamps

On 13th Jan 2015 Grace asked:

Will there be other Neon colours available on request such as fluorescent blue? Are the inks suitable for mixing to create more tones? Thanks.

On 4th Sep 2013 Speedy Stamps replied:

Hi Grace

Thank you for your question, we only have 4 colours of the Noris Neon glowing inks, I not sure how the colours will work if they are mixed with each other.


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