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How do I order a stamp from you?
Our new online stamp designer is user friendly and is the fastest way to design and purchase your stamps. Insert your text, edit the font style & size, add a logo or artwork if required, then add a border and choose the ink colour. You can see any changes to your design shown in real time as you create it. The designer then suggests the best stamps for your design, you can also download a PDF preview of your stamp to see exactly what your finished impression will look like. Online video tutorials are available for each design style. If you have require a complex design, feel free to send us your artwork and the required size to mail@speedystamps.co.uk we will reply with a custom proof and the prices or call us to discuss your order 01709 700 520.
Do I need to register or log in to order from you?
We feel that customers should have the choice of whether to register or not when placing an order. There are benefits to registering with us but No you do not have to register to order from us.
What are the benefits of registering when I place an order?
Once you register with us online you will have access to your very own account, through this you will be able to view all your previous orders, track current orders and quickly place repeat orders without having to redesign your stamp or artwork as it will be saved on our system. Further benefits include regular updates and offers on our latest deals.
What's the difference between Rubber, Self-Inking and Pre-Inking stamps?
Rubber Stamps are a traditional rubber stamp with a handle connected to an impression plate that has rubber die on the bottom, these stamps require a separate ink pad to ink up the stamp before use. Self-Inking Stamps are a spring loaded, all in one machine including an ink pad. They have a twisting mechanism that rotates the rubber die to press against the ink pad. Pre-Inking Stamps are a modern stamp giving very high quality impressions. They work by having a porous gel-like rubber die on the bottom of the stamp that allows ink to flow through the die before an impression is made. The ink itself is kept in a reservoir located in the handle, these stamps can give up to 50,000 impressions before the ink needs refilling so these stamps do not need an inkpad.
Can I have further discount for bulk/quantity orders?
We apply discounts to all products on our website, we try to be as competitive as possible and will apply further discounts for large quantity bulk orders. If you would like a quote please contact us via our contact page, tell us the quantity and sizes required. We will get back to you ASAP.
Do you price match?
Yes, we do offer a price match service for identical products, so let us know what you have been quoted and we will try our very best to match you quote. All our products are assembled in the UK to the highest quality standards, from time to time we may be beaten on price but we will happily match it and we will never be beaten on quality or service!
What file types are acceptable to use?
Our online stamp designing software is compatible with jpeg, png, giff and bitmap files. Please ensure you tightly crop your images as any white space around your artwork may be included in your stamp size. If your artwork is not saved in one of the above formats simply attach it to an e-mail and send it to mail@speedystamps.co.uk This includes files placed in a word document and grid stamps designed in an excel book. We will send you a custom proof by return quoting our prices.
What if my artwork is low quality?
Here at Speedy Stamps we are experts at improving images using our advanced software, if you would like us to try to recover some artwork for you simply email it to us and give a brief description of what you would like it to look like and will do our best. Failing that we can recreate any art but this is subject to an artwork charge if there is alot of work involved.
What if I don't have any artwork?
If you want a stamp but don't have the necessary artwork we can supply some images from our clip art databases such as cocktail glasses and coffee cups etc for loyalty stamps or calculators, books and pens for schools stamp etc. We can recreate you company logos etc., Occasionally very detailed artwork may be subject to an artwork charge.
What font styles and sizes can I have?
We have the most popular fonts styles & font sizes on our online stamp designer, if you require a specific font that is not on our website, we have specialist software containing over 3000 fonts. Please contact us here at mail@speedystamps.co.uk we will be happy to supply you with a custom proof and prices.
What types of ink can I have and what are their uses?
Endorsing ink is a water based ink which is ideal for everyday stamping onto paper. This ink has also been tested to be "skin-safe" so you can feel free to use any of our standard stamps on someone's hand or skin. Clothing ink is specially designed to be used on clothes and after 5 hours of drying this ink is machine washable. Quick drying inks are solvent based inks that dry more quickly than standard water based inks. There are two types of quick drying inks we sell the 200PR quick drying ink is suited to glossy paper or cars and the Universal R9 quick drying ink is designed for use on metals, plastics and glass. UV inks have two types, non-absorbent UV ink is ideal for use on plastics, glass and metals whilst for security markings etc, whilst the absorbent UV inks are more suited for use on skin such as in a night club VIP hand stamp etc.
What standard colours can I have?
Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet, the standard colours are available at no extra charge. Please note that different papers will result in a slightly different resulting colour.
What special colours can I have?
Orange, Brown, Pink, Turquoise, White, Silver, Chrome and Gold, are available at extra cost. One thing to remember is that with special inks we ship your stamp with a blank, dry pad and a bottle of your chosen ink then you simply ink up the stamp yourself by following the instructions included. Please note that different papers will result in a slightly different resulting colour.
Do you provide Hand stamps for Nightclubs/Events?
Yes, we sell quite a lot of these sorts of stamps. The tips we would give is to have the design between 20-30mm and probably a little smaller for children, just bear in mind the size of the hand it will be stamped on to. Finally also try not to have a design that is solid colour as it will obviously contain quite alot of ink and will smudge on the persons hand or even their clothes, just try to have outlines and not solid colour. Also note that all our standard inks are water based and have been tested and deemed “Skin Safe” even for use with children.
Do you sell Ultra-Violet Ink?
Yes we do, it is available in two types. The absorbent UV ink is designed for skin and is safe to be absorbed by the skin, this UV ink is water based not solvent based and unlike other UV inks the water based type won’t cause any irritation. The absorbent UV ink is ideal for use on hand stamps for nightclubs etc. The non-absorbent UV ink is designed for security marking metal and plastics and is solvent based and not designed for skin.
Can you make me a signature stamp?
Yes, we supply many signature stamps from photographers who have their images framed with kaleidoscope, to customers with disabilities which makes it difficult for them to sign items or simply to people who have to sign thousands of documents and such a stamp saves them countless hours work.
Can I have a custom logo on my stamp?
Yes, you can basically have whatever you like on your stamp. The content of the stamp does not affect price, nor does the colour. It is simply a matter of whatever size stamp you have, that is what you pay, there are no hidden costs for having an image rather than just text., unlike with some of our competitors.
Can I replace the rubber impression die on my stamp?
Yes, if you have ordered the original stamp from us simply call or email us with the model number and indicate you want to replace the rubber die on the stamp and we will send you out the rubber impression plate. If you haven’t had the original stamp from us or would like to change the design, simply ask for a new proof and indicate you don’t want the full stamp, just the rubber die and we will only charge you for this. However please note with stamp models we dont sell we may not always be able to supply a custom rubber plate to fit.
How do I replace ink pads on my self-inking stamps or refill my pre-inking stamp?
The self-inking stamps have two little clips either side of the handle which you press to lock the stamp after depressing it slightly, this simply brings the rubber die away from the ink pad slightly to allow you to push it out and replace it. To release the stamp then simply make an impression with it. The Pre-inking stamps do not use ink pads as the ink flows through the rubber die on the bottom, they require replacement ink bottles. To re-ink the Colop pre-inking stamps you pull the lid of the stamp off then apply the ink to two chambers in the handle. However for the Perma pre-inking stamps the ink is applied directly to the rubber die. Please note that if all this sounds confusing don’t worry, all our replacement inks and pads come with full instructions.
How do I re-ink a dry ink pad?
With a dry ink pad it is as simple as opening the bottle of replacement ink and pouring it onto the dry pad. Then make sure the ink has distributed evenly over the pad, allow a couple of minutes for the ink to soak in and its ready to go.
What is the latest I can order my items to get them dispatched same day?
Orders received before 12:00 noon are despatched the same working day. We continue processing orders upto 1.00pm and most of these are also despatched the same working day but it isn’t guaranteed. Any orders received after approximately 1.00pm are always going to be dispatched the following day as the items are not manufactured in time for the royal mail cut off for dispatch.
Can I place an order with you over the phone?
You can place an order over the phone with us here at Speedy Stamps, however it is advised that you see a copy of the proof before the item is sent as once the proof is accepted it is the customers who is responsible for the outcome of the design obviously except in cases where there is an error.
Can I pay you over the phone?
Yes, we have a streamline card payment system which allows us to take payments over the phone. Any orders placed will still receive the same complete invoice via our online website system.
Can you dispatch my order the same working day?
Orders received before 12:00 noon are despatched the same working day. Some orders can be dispatched up until 1.00pm in some cases but if you are in desperate need for an item quickly please call us to discuss the matter and we will be happy to help and do all we can.