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Manual Branding Irons


Unique and distinctive marking on wood, leather and more. Tools for creative branding are designed and made to meet the demand from leather crafters, carpenters, furniture makers & musical instrument makers, for a traditional method of marking their products. When it comes to putting your ‘signature’ on something you’ve hand-crafted, it’s worth going the extra mile.

Steel is suitable for heating with a butane or propane gas flame. Brass should only be heated in a fire/bbq etc. Hold your fire stamp against the object you want to mark for a few moments. The result is a beautiful brown, fire-coloured print. You can use a manual fire stamp (branding iron) to mark wood, leather, cardboard, plastic, meat, bread, cork, veneer, chipboard, etc.


Please email your enquiry to mail@speedystamps.co.uk in the meantime.