Hand Pliers & Desktop Seals

  • Embossing seals and hand plier seals can emboss or de-boss papers/card, depending on the impression size and the type of embossing machine will determine the paperweight that you will be able to emboss. The smaller the impression the heavier the paperweight the machines will emboss.
  • When selecting an embossing machine please check the paperweight before ordering.
  • Portable and lightweight hand plier presses are suitable for embossing paper up to 90gsm, standard desk seals will emboss heavier papers up to 120gsm, however if you are using a small impression size these lighter embossing presses will emboss heavier paper. If you are embossing heavy papers/cards you will require a heavy duty Notary or Iron embossing press, if unsure please contact customer services to give you the correct advice.
  • All engraving product orders are dispatched within 1-3 working days.

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