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Trodat Self Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   19/06/12   -   0 comments

Trodat have been making Rubber stamps for over 100 years making their brand one of the most recognisable in the industry for quality and reliability. Speedy Stamps stock the full range of Trodat Rubber Stamp components which includes the Professional and Plastic Self Inking stamps range. Traditional Rubber Stamps, Dater Stamps and Pre-inked Stamps. Speedy […]

Self Inking Loyalty Card Stamps

Posted by admin   -   14/06/12   -   0 comments

Self inking loyalty card stamps are becoming an important tool in the retail industry. They are a very popular way to get return custom, Cafes & Coffee shops, food outlets & pubs, hairdressers & beauty salons even large retail stores are all now using loyalty card stamps. Why not visit our “Loyalty Card Stamps” web […]

New Royal Mail PPI Postage Stamps

Posted by admin   -   07/06/12   -   0 comments

Royal Mail are changing their printed postage stamp impressions to include “Delivered by Royal Mail” and will be effective from 23rd June 2012, however you can still order and use your new Royal Mail Self Inking Stamp straightaway. The most popular stamp impression sizes are 58mm x 30mm and 80mm x 22mm, available in first class and Seconed class; this is the most […]

UV Ink Stamps

Posted by admin   -   25/05/12   -   0 comments

Our new self Inking UV stamps mark your valuable possessions with and impression that is invisible to the naked eye. The impression can only be seen under UV light which is included in this kit!  These self-inking UV stamps are available in many different shapes and sizes, and will allow you to produce thousands of […]

Eco-Friendly Self-Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   18/05/12   -   0 comments

For all of you that get giddy over purchasing new office supplies, we’ve found the perfect eco-friendly item that is about to top every other object on your desk. Eco-friendly stamps really do make a huge difference. Eco-friendly products don’t harm the environment during usage or during the disposal process. Eco-friendly or ‘green products’ help […]

Loyalty Card Stamps

Posted by admin   -   16/05/12   -   0 comments

Self-inking loyalty card stamps are becoming very popular in Bars, Clubs, Cafes and other types of businesses who wish to reward customers for their loyalty. These self-inking stamps can produce thousands of impressions before a replacement ink pad is required. Our prices include the cost of your own custom made design or you can choose […]

Special offers

Posted by admin   -   14/05/12   -   0 comments

Don’t miss out on our fantastic special offers. We have a wide selection of rubber stamps and self-inking stamps available. These bargains can be found under the “special offers” section of our page. The RRP is shown so you can see how much you will save when purchasing these stamps today. They really are too […]

Custom Hand Stamps

Posted by admin   -   07/05/12   -   5 comments

Self-inking hand stamps are becoming more and more popular in Cafes, Bars and Clubs and other types of establishments or events. These stamps are skin friendly because the use water based ink. Self inking UV hand stamps mark your hand with an impression that cannot be seen by the naked eye, the impression can only […]

Self-Inking Pocket Stamps

Posted by admin   -   26/04/12   -   1 comment

These tiny gadgets are the latest and most efficient way of mobile stamping. These self-inking pocket stamps are ideal for use for doctors, solicitors, teachers and those people who are always on the move. These custom stamps can easily fit into your pocket or your bag, and can fit up to 4 lines of personalised […]


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