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Rubber Stamps For use in Card Making

Posted by admin   -   22/06/12   -   0 comments

Custom made Traditional Rubber stamps are the perfect way to personalise hand crafted work such as handmade cards and scrap books etc. More and more people are making their own personalised cards for family, friends, occasions and even starting their own business making cards. Speedy Stamps supply quality made Rubber Stamps which are efficient and […]

Rubber Stamps – Custom Made

Posted by admin   -   30/05/12   -   1 comment

Our rubber stamps are made from the very best materials; they are attached to a very sturdy mounts complete with a comfortable handle making each rubber stamp a pleasure to use. To achieve the very best results from rubber stamps it’s always good to use a good quality stamp pad, which speedy stamps also supply! […]

Traxx Printer Replacement Ink-Pads

Posted by admin   -   02/05/12   -   1 comment

Here at speedy stamps we stock a full range of Traxx Printer replacement ink-pads for use in all Traxx self-inking stamp machines. Replacement ink pads are sold in packs of 2 (pk 2) These ink pads are available in a selection of shapes (rectangular, square, circular) Ink pads are available in a selection of colours […]

Rubber Stock Dater Stamps

Posted by admin   -   01/05/12   -   0 comments

These low cost Rubber line dater stamps come with changeable bands that can last up to 10 years. Available in 3mm, 4mm, 7mm and 9mm character sizes. A separate ink pad is required for this item, but don’t worry! Speedy Stamps can supply you with a wide range, for you to choose from. Click here […]

Custom Rubber Stamps:Leaving A Lasting Impression!

Posted by admin   -   27/04/12   -   0 comments

We’re living in modern times where customisation is becoming more and more popular, because it allows individuals and companies to stand out from the crowd, and to instantly have the upper hand against their competition. Using custom rubber stamps could be one of the most cost effective ways to make your business to stand out. […]

Rubber Stamps – Inks & Ink Pads

Posted by admin   -   23/04/12   -   1 comment

There are so many different kinds of inks to choose from when it comes down to rubber stamping. Ink pads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The great thing about these types of inks is that they are: -Fast drying -Fast drying means that there is less chance of smudging -They […]

Rubber Stamps: Sending Your Message

Posted by admin   -   20/04/12   -   0 comments

Custom rubber stamps are a fun way of sending out a personal message, or they can communicate information that other people will find very useful. Speedy stamps are here to help you create custom rubber stamps for your personal and business use. Self-inking stamps will supply you with years with of impressions, before a replacement […]

Rubber Stamps:For Office Use

Posted by admin   -   19/04/12   -   0 comments

Trying to organise a business’s tax situation can be an absolute pain of a task! And it’s vital that we keep on top of our filing in order to stay organised. While standard office organisational tools such as folders, dividers, and binders can be useful, rubber stamps are extremely useful when you’re filing on a […]

Custom Rubber Stamps

Posted by admin   -   18/04/12   -   2 comments

Have you ever thought about creating your own custom rubber stamps online? Speedy Stamps give you flexibility to choose from a range of our top class pre-inked and self inking stamps, and then you can create the and design your own custom rubber stamps by using our easy to use step-by step online tool. Just […]


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