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Rubber Stamps – Custom Made

Posted by admin   -   30/05/12   -   1 comment

Our rubber stamps are made from the very best materials; they are attached to a very sturdy mounts complete with a comfortable handle making each rubber stamp a pleasure to use. To achieve the very best results from rubber stamps it’s always good to use a good quality stamp pad, which speedy stamps also supply! […]

Microban Rubber Stamps

Posted by admin   -   24/05/12   -   1 comment

In daily life stamps are handed by many different people – this means multiple hand impressions and the transfer of bacteria. Microban antibacterial protection inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria! Colop is the first global stamp brand that offers products with built-in antibacterial protection. Microban antibacterial protection works continuously to inhibit the growth of harmful […]

Rubber stamps

Posted by admin   -   17/05/12   -   1 comment

These custom rubber stamps can be very handy to have around the office; they can provide multiple impressions, saving you time and money. Stamps can get the job done more efficiently, and because our stamps are of the highest quality the impressions that the rubber stamps leave are crisp and clear, you’ll be able to […]

Embossing Stickers

Posted by admin   -   09/05/12   -   1 comment

We don’t just limit ourselves to rubber stamps and custom stamps here at Speedy; we like to offer those little extras. Self-adhesive embossing wafers stickers come in a choice of 3 gloss colours: gold, red and silver. Sold in packs of 50, all you need to do is simply emboss the wafer and simply stick […]

Custom Stamps

Posted by admin   -   04/05/12   -   4 comments

These brand new, top of the range, pre-inked, custom stamps provide a quirky looking stamp with a fantastic impression quality, as well as eliminating the need for a stamp pad, providing an amazing 50,000 impressions before any re-inking is required! The custom made stamp design is included in the overall cost of the stamp, and […]

Custom Rubber Stamps:Leaving A Lasting Impression!

Posted by admin   -   27/04/12   -   0 comments

We’re living in modern times where customisation is becoming more and more popular, because it allows individuals and companies to stand out from the crowd, and to instantly have the upper hand against their competition. Using custom rubber stamps could be one of the most cost effective ways to make your business to stand out. […]

Custom Stamps : DIY Stamp Kits

Posted by admin   -   25/04/12   -   1 comment

DIY stamp Kits These Self-Inking DIY Stamps offer creative designs which can be achieved by modifying the image card with logos and letters. DIY stamps give you the flexibility to change Postcodes, Addresses, Telephone Numbers etc. These DIY stamps produce clear and neap imprints with a character height of 3.5 mm and actual pictograms. A […]

Rubber Stamps – Inks & Ink Pads

Posted by admin   -   23/04/12   -   1 comment

There are so many different kinds of inks to choose from when it comes down to rubber stamping. Ink pads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The great thing about these types of inks is that they are: -Fast drying -Fast drying means that there is less chance of smudging -They […]

Rubber Stamps: Sending Your Message

Posted by admin   -   20/04/12   -   0 comments

Custom rubber stamps are a fun way of sending out a personal message, or they can communicate information that other people will find very useful. Speedy stamps are here to help you create custom rubber stamps for your personal and business use. Self-inking stamps will supply you with years with of impressions, before a replacement […]


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