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Rubber Stamp For Paper Bags

Rubber stamps can be used for so many different things! Here at Speedy Stamps we have found that stamping an impression onto paper bags is becoming increasingly popular especially for many small to medium size businesses. Adding that professional touch to your packaging can help promote your business in a cost effective way. With the new rules about plastic carrier bags many businesses are reverting back to the traditional paper bags for

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New Wedding Rubber Stamps

Wedding stationery is all the rage at the moment! With the boom of social media, e-mails and text messaging; receiving a letter the traditional way via your postman often feels like a novelty and good news is always a lovely surprise! Here at Speedy Stamps we have launched some new wedding stamp designs to ensure that your wedding stationery will stand out and make an impression on your guests! We

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Very Large Custom Made Rubber Stamps

Are you looking for a very large custom made Rubber Stamp to promote your business or use for crafting? Then look no further! Speedy Stamps produce large custom made stamps for all types of industries, for example restaurants, retail and small boutique shops. Large Rubber Stamps are becoming very popular in these types of businesses especially when trying to creating a brand by stamping on to paper or cotton type

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Liquid Wood Stamps

Because there is such a huge demand on plastic, and with all this potential the future should be looking bright! But the trust is that plastics aren’t bio-degradable. Plastics come from petroleum and fossil fuels, and with the dependence upon these limited resources constantly increasing, scientists have been looking for a more eco friendly solution…and here it is! Many believe that this new invention of liquid wood could soon replace

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Liquid Wood Stamps, The Future…

Click on Woodie above to find out more… But no, you reading it correctly its liquid wood, the latest and greatest “Eco Stamps” are not made from recycled plastics but from the by-product of the paper industry known as Lignin. Plastics have litterally 101 different uses, as I write this I use my plastic keyboard, with my plastic mouse and look at my computer screen surrounded with a plastic cover,

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