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Comparing The Rubber Stamp

Posted by speedystamps   -   16/04/13   -   2 comments

Searching for a reliable Rubber Stamp company can be a task, you need to choose the company best suited to providing you with a quality product, excellent Customer Service and competitive prices. A very useful tip when searching for an online rubber stamp manufacturer is to check their website for genuine customer feedback, this gives […]

Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   08/03/13   -   2 comments

Self inking stamps have become very popular recently due to their practicality – no need for a separate ink pad. The pads are self-contained in the machine and can be easily replaced once the ink in the pads starts to dry out. The demand for Traditional Rubber Stamps (that require a separate ink pad) is […]

Trodat Pocket Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   15/12/12   -   0 comments

Speedy Stamps brings you Trodat pocket stamps – tiny gadgets that are the latest and most efficient way of mobile stamping. Trodant self-inking pocket stamps are small and compact, ideal for those people who are always on the move: doctors, solicitors and teachers and anyone else who is ‘on the go’. With Speedy Stamps, you […]

Trodat Self-Inking Stamps

Posted by admin   -   11/05/12   -   0 comments

These Trodat stamps come in a various shapes and sizes producing thousands of crisp quality impressions before a replacement ink pad is required. Our prices include the cost of creating your custom made stamp design and are available in a selection of shapes: -Rectangular -Circular -Square There are many different sizes to choose from, so […]

DIY Stamps

Posted by admin   -   15/03/12   -   0 comments

Here at Speedy Stamps we understand that due to these difficult economic times businesses need to reduce their expenditure wherever they can. If you’re interested in using stamps to decrease your workload there is no need to go ordering lots of different types of personalised stamps that could cost you a fortune when speedy stamps […]

Self-Inking Hand Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   01/03/11   -   7 comments

Self-inking Hand stamps are becoming very popular in Cafes, Bars, Clubs and other types of events. These stamps include a skin friendly water based ink producing 1000s of stamping impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Our prices include the cost of your own custom made design, available in a selection of ink colours. Remember, order […]


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