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Pen Stamps the Compact and Practical Gadget

Posted by admin   -   16/02/12   -   1 comment

A stamp… In a pen…Yes! You heard right! A pen stamp is a high quality ball point pen that can accommodate 2-3 lines of personalised text, which can be chosen at the time of purchase. These stamps can be ideal for those people who like to sign every document with a customised signature. This high […]

Custom Self-Inking Eco-Stamps get the Green Light

Posted by admin   -   15/02/12   -   0 comments

So you might find yourself asking what the difference is between normal stamps and Eco-friendly stamps. And do Eco-friendly stamps really make a difference? Eco-friendly products are products that don’t harm the environment during usage or during the disposal process. Eco-friendly or ‘green products’ help conserve energy, minimise our carbon footprint or the emission of […]

Self-Inking Loyalty Card Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   01/03/11   -   14 comments

Self-inking Loyalty Card Stamps are becoming very popular in Cafes, Bars, Clubs and other types of businesses, these self-inking stamps will produce 1000s of impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Our prices include the cost of your own custom made design or you can choose from one of our popular designs, Coffee Cup, Coffee bean, […]

Self-Inking Hand Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   01/03/11   -   7 comments

Self-inking Hand stamps are becoming very popular in Cafes, Bars, Clubs and other types of events. These stamps include a skin friendly water based ink producing 1000s of stamping impressions before replacement ink-pads are required. Our prices include the cost of your own custom made design, available in a selection of ink colours. Remember, order […]

New Colop Microban Antibacterial Self-inking Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   01/03/11   -   1 comment

In these sterile modern times, many people are somewhat obsessed with ensuring everything they touch is clean and with the recent emergence of nasty bugs and bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli, who can blame them? Many of these strains of bacteria have been shown to live on everyday household objects […]

Hand Stamps

Posted by admin   -   12/10/10   -   2 comments

Hand stamps are becoming more and more ubiquitous in nature, everywhere you go you seem to see them. Whether it for use at events, promotions in bars or clubs or even use in schools, these nifty little stamps all must come from somewhere and that place is here at Speedy Stamps. These small, compact and […]

DIY Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   0 comments

With the current economic down turn, we recognise that companies are trying to reduce their expenditure. If you’re worried about ordering lots of different stamps for a similar job, why not order a Do-It-Yourself Stamp? Instead of buying 50 stamps each with a phone number on but with a different extension, simply purchase one DIY […]

Pocket stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   3 comments

Small pocket stamps are mobile and easy to use for little printing jobs, such as stamping your name and address on a cheque or Doctors stamping their details on a prescription. These stamps are portable and quick to use and whilst its bigger brothers like the full sized self-inking stamps will give more impressions, they […]

Numberer stamps

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   0 comments

Reference numbers, Customer order numbers and Telephone numbers are examples of what can be used on an interchangeable numberer stamp. These stamps can incorporate 12 numbers upto a size of 18mm. These stamps can be either conventional rubber stamps or self-inking, furthermore they can be mounted on a strong metal frame or a lightweight but […]


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