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Novelty Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   15/06/16   -   0 comments

Check out our range of novelty office stamps, these stamps are a contemporary alternative to the traditional stamps you usually see in the office environment. Bringing a fun element to stamping mundane paper work and documents! Ranging from the recognisable ‘FACEBOOK LIKE’ (  to our ‘RUBBISH’ stamp ( these are great for getting the point […]

Tag Branding Rubber Stamp Kits

Posted by speedystamps   -   20/05/16   -   1 comment

After the success of our paper bag branding kits Speedy Stamps are now introducing tag kits! Hanging tags can be used for all kinds of things and we have the complete creative package for stylish branding! Our tag kits arrive complete with 1 x custom rubber stamp /  1 x ink pad (if required) / […]

New Printer Line Rubber Stamps With Image Card!

Posted by speedystamps   -   10/12/15   -   0 comments

Speedy Stamps have recently introduced the new COLOP printer, this stamp is designed to integrate all the advantages of a self-inking stamp with a modern outstanding design. The XXL image window offers personalisation on the highest level making the stamp as unique as you are! You can find these self-inking stamps on our website by […]

Rubber Stamps for Social media!

Posted by speedystamps   -   05/11/15   -   0 comments

Are you looking for an efficient and cost effective way of getting your name out there? We have the solution – use a rubber stamp to promote your online presence! Social media is a powerful tool, consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if they have a strong identity on their social media […]

Stamp a Rainbow!

Posted by speedystamps   -   16/10/15   -   0 comments

Here at Speedy Stamps we offer a range of Multi-colour self-inking stamps, allowing your stamp to print more than just one colour! These are great for company branding and identity, they are a perfect way of incorporating company colours on those boring documents! How do they work? A self-inking stamp comes as a self-contained unit; […]

Seasonal Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   09/10/15   -   1 comment

With autumn fast upon us, why not get yourself a seasonal stamp! Take a look at a few of our stamp ideas at Speedy Stamps. Having a Halloween party? Why not stamp your invitations with one of our spooky stamp designs!   Are you a crafter, scrapbook maker or collage artist? Why not get a […]

Finding The Right Rubber Stamp For You

Posted by speedystamps   -   30/07/15   -   1 comment

So you’ve decided on purchasing a handy rubber stamp? Here at Speedy Stamps we use specialist technology to laser engrave the rubber for each stamp, this rubber is then fitted to one of our stamp units or mounts. There are a number of stamp varieties available and we are here to help you find exactly […]

New Wedding Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   05/06/15   -   2 comments

Wedding stationery is all the rage at the moment! With the boom of social media, e-mails and text messaging; receiving a letter the traditional way via your postman often feels like a novelty and good news is always a lovely surprise! Here at Speedy Stamps we have launched some new wedding stamp designs to ensure […]

Rubber Stamps For Your Business/Garage

Posted by speedystamps   -   28/05/15   -   7 comments

Are you looking for a professional stamp for your business? Here at Speedy Stamps we can help! We have a variety of stamps suitable for the job; perhaps you are a garage owner and are looking for a custom Rubber Stamp for verifying service books? Your stamp can include details such as the company name/logo/VAT […]


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