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Posted by speedystamps   -   14/09/16   -   1 comment

Here at Speedy Stamps we are the largest online stamp manufacturer in the UK! We make all kinds of stamps with the education sector in mind; whether it is motivational stamps for marking, learning tools including coin and time stamps or feedback grid stamps for pupil and teachers to complete.  We are sure to have […]

Box sets for the Classroom!

Posted by speedystamps   -   27/08/15   -   0 comments

Last week’s blog post was all about the Educational stamps we have available here at Speedy Stamps which inspired some of you to create some ‘back to school’ fun!  This included a school which placed a large order for some trusty stamp sets! Each of these sets (pictured below) includes six pre-inked stamps and a handy […]

Educational Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   14/08/15   -   0 comments

With the new school year fast approaching in September here at Speedy Stamps we have various stamps specifically for teaching staff.  Whether it’s to educate, motivate or assist you with your marking we have a stamp for you! Perhaps you are a teacher with a brand new class starting this year? We have a choice […]

School and Educational Rubber Stamps

Posted by speedystamps   -   09/04/13   -   3 comments

Whether you want a stamp to congratulate students’ achievements, grade work or a simple stamp to teach symbols within a certain subject area, Speedy Stamps are able to supply a stamp to meet your requirements. We have a full range of “stock motivational stamps” on our website to choose from including ‘good work’, ‘good effort’, […]

School Self-Inking Clock Stamps

Posted by admin   -   20/03/12   -   1 comment

Teaching a child the time is a watermark in his or her life, using two numbering systems (1 through to 12 and 1 through to 60) can be difficult to conceptualize at a very young age. Parents and teachers understand more than anyone that it can be a difficult task getting a child to engage […]

Stamps in Schools – Rewarding and Motivational!

Posted by admin   -   13/02/12   -   0 comments

With a child of primary school age I find my evenings now taken up with homework. Lots of it! And as much as I try to encourage my child to do her homework herself she still manages to get me involved somehow. Hands up all those mums and dads who have found themselves elbow deep […]

Educational Stamps

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   29/07/09   -   3 comments

Educational stamps are a handy tool designed to make marking work easy. They work as a positive reinforcement to help encourage students to write neater and work harder to earn that illusive “Green Frog, Marvellous Effort” stamp. These stamps can be used by teachers and parents alike to motivate children, with 20 different styles of […]


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