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Finding The Right Rubber Stamp For You

So you’ve decided on purchasing a handy rubber stamp? Here at Speedy Stamps we use specialist technology to laser engrave the rubber for each stamp, this rubber is then fitted to one of our stamp units or mounts. There are a number of stamp varieties available and we are here to help you find exactly the right stamp for you! The Self-inking Stamp: These stamps come as a self-contained unit

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Colop and Trodat Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Are you looking for a stamp made to last?  Then look no further. Pre-Inked rubber stamps are built to create up to 50,000 impressions easily and quickly before the impression starts to fade and re-inking fluid is required. These Pre-Inked stamps are reliable and produce a high quality impression right until the last print, accurately and efficiently without the hassle of a separate ink pads. Speedy Stamps offer both a

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Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Speedy Stamps is now offering brand new, top of the range pre-inked custom stamps. These stamps give you fantastic impression quality, and are easy and quick to use, due to eliminating the need for an ink pad. Amazingly you can still create 50,000 impressions before you need to re-ink at all, with top impression quality throughout. Create your own design and Speedy Stamps will create a stamp for you, giving

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Bottled Inks

Here at speedy stamps, we have a full range of special inks that can be used for traditional rubber stamping or self-inking stamps, we also supply Eos inks for pre-inking stamps. We have an extensive range of inks available, these inks are made for stamping onto a number of surfaces, including glossy papers/cards, metals, plastics, cloth, skin, even rubber tyres (and other surfaces) We have an extensive range of inks

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Custom Stamps

These brand new, top of the range, pre-inked, custom stamps provide a quirky looking stamp with a fantastic impression quality, as well as eliminating the need for a stamp pad, providing an amazing 50,000 impressions before any re-inking is required! The custom made stamp design is included in the overall cost of the stamp, and the design is available in a selection of ink colours. Remember that if you order

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