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Mobile Self-inking Pocket Stamps

Pocket stamps are ideal for people with busy life styles. In our hectic fast moving society many people work while on the move or travelling. Therefore this compact stamp is very useful for clipping into your pocket or bag for easy mobile use where ever you go. Pocket stamps are efficient for business people working while travelling on trains etc or doctors and nurses who are always on the move.

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Self-Inking Pocket Stamps

These tiny gadgets are the latest and most efficient way of mobile stamping. These self-inking pocket stamps are ideal for use for doctors, solicitors, teachers and those people who are always on the move. These custom stamps can easily fit into your pocket or your bag, and can fit up to 4 lines of personalised text, also available in a selection on ink colours. Remember if you order before 12

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Self Inking Pocket Stamps

Speedy Stamps introduce one of the most mobile and compact stamps out there! As they fit into your pocket or bag they take up hardly any room what so ever, they are the perfect for those ‘on the go’ people. You can fit 3-4 lines of personalised text onto the stamp which makes them ideal for signing cheques or stamping your details onto important documents. Or why not opt for

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Pocket stamps

Small pocket stamps are mobile and easy to use for little printing jobs, such as stamping your name and address on a cheque or Doctors stamping their details on a prescription. These stamps are portable and quick to use and whilst its bigger brothers like the full sized self-inking stamps will give more impressions, they cannot compete with the pocket stamp in versatility. One new design of pocket stamp is

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