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Another extra-large Rubber Band Stamp!

This week at Speedy Stamps we produced another extra-large rubber band stamp! This stamp has 6 adjustable number bands; each band is adjustable from 0 -9 with the option for a blank space, each digit having a character height of 40mm! The machine itself is around 30cm wide x 20cm tall x 10cm deep! As you can see, the digits on each band are rotated to a horizontal position as

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That’s a big one!

Last week at Speedy Stamps, we sent one of our customers a ‘larger than average’ stamp, this rubber number stamp was manufactured by our production team! With each band containing 10 digits and each digit having a 50mm character height, I’m sure you can appreciate the machine itself was rather large – approximately 40 centimetres/16 inches in height! Although we have an extensive range of adjustable stamps available on our

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Automatic Numberer Stamps (Self-Inking)

Self-inking Automatic Numberer stamps are essential for stamping lots of documents or manuscripts etc. The numbers automatically change after each impression making the job so much easier. They are so easy to use as they automatically change to the next number every time used. You also have the extra option of a repeat function so you can use the same number two, three, four, six or twelve times before the

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The Trodat 4.5mm Metal Numberer

The Trodat 4.5mm Metal Numberer This stamp is a Self-Inking and automatic sequential numbering machine for numbering or coding important documents. With a heavy duty and sturdy metal frame and a character size of 4.5mm this numberer stamp is perfect for making jobs much more efficient.  The metal frame is designed to withstand high impacts and can be used for everyday use. With six digits, a roman typestyle and numbers

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Automatic Self-Inking Number Stamps

The Reiner automatic self-inking number stamps are strong metal robust machines recommended for high impact heavy duty use. The Trodat plastic auto number stamps are for everyday use. Both have automatic rotating numbers up to 999999, a 4.5mm character size is available in black ink. These interchangeable numberer stamps are great for stamping reference numbers, customer order numbers and telephone numbers on. These stamps can incorporate 12 numbers up to

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Numberer stamps

Reference numbers, Customer order numbers and Telephone numbers are examples of what can be used on an interchangeable numberer stamp. These stamps can incorporate 12 numbers upto a size of 18mm. These stamps can be either conventional rubber stamps or self-inking, furthermore they can be mounted on a strong metal frame or a lightweight but robust plastic frame.

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