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Liquid Wood Stamps

Colop has introduced something truly spectacular and ground breaking. This new stamp is made from liquid wood and it is an innovative and pioneering material. Liquid Wood is a bio-plastic which is made from lignin; plants consist of up to 30% lignin. This is what is largely responsible for their rigidity and is one of the most common organic compounds that can be found on this planet and millions of

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Liquid Wood Stamps, The Future…

Click on Woodie above to find out more… But no, you reading it correctly its liquid wood, the latest and greatest “Eco Stamps” are not made from recycled plastics but from the by-product of the paper industry known as Lignin. Plastics have litterally 101 different uses, as I write this I use my plastic keyboard, with my plastic mouse and look at my computer screen surrounded with a plastic cover,

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