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What Type of Ink Can You Use With Your Stamps?

Posted by Zoe Piper   -   15/08/14   -   1 comment

Our stamps come in two basic types – self-inking stamps and those that need a separate ink pad. You can use pretty much any ink with any stamp, but the format for each type of stamp is slightly different. Let’s take a look at your options below. Ink For Rubber Stamps If you have a […]

Neon Glow Stamping Inks

Posted by admin   -   08/06/12   -   1 comment

Neon UV Glow inks give a fluorescent effect on white paper and skin and can be used with any Self Inking, UV Stamp Kit or Rubber Stamps, the stamping impression will show on skin or paper but give a fluorescent effect under UV light with a clear and sharper stamping impression. This ink is water […]

UV Ink Stamps

Posted by admin   -   25/05/12   -   0 comments

Our new self Inking UV stamps mark your valuable possessions with and impression that is invisible to the naked eye. The impression can only be seen under UV light which is included in this kit!  These self-inking UV stamps are available in many different shapes and sizes, and will allow you to produce thousands of […]

Bottled Inks

Posted by admin   -   08/05/12   -   2 comments

Here at speedy stamps, we have a full range of special inks that can be used for traditional rubber stamping or self-inking stamps, we also supply Eos inks for pre-inking stamps. We have an extensive range of inks available, these inks are made for stamping onto a number of surfaces, including glossy papers/cards, metals, plastics, […]

Traxx Printer Replacement Ink-Pads

Posted by admin   -   02/05/12   -   1 comment

Here at speedy stamps we stock a full range of Traxx Printer replacement ink-pads for use in all Traxx self-inking stamp machines. Replacement ink pads are sold in packs of 2 (pk 2) These ink pads are available in a selection of shapes (rectangular, square, circular) Ink pads are available in a selection of colours […]

UV Inks

Posted by admin   -   03/04/12   -   0 comments

Speedy stamps can now introduce a range of venue entry management products that provide a safe and non transferable means of easily identifying paying customers and event attendees. For uses at: Theatres Night Clubs & Pubs Gigs & Concerts Raves & Discos Conferences Sporting Events ExhibitionsSchool Fairs Charity Functions Under an ordinary light, these long-lasting […]

Replacement Ink Pads

Posted by admin   -   14/03/12   -   0 comments

We stock a full range of Colop Replacement ink-pads for use in all Colop Self-inking stamp machines. Replacement ink pads are sold in packs of 2 (Pk 2) Ink-pads and are available in a selection of ink colours – Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet or a Dry pad for specialised inks. The high quality ink […]

Never Run Out Of Ink…

Posted by admin   -   07/03/12   -   0 comments

Inks can be every versatile if you know about the properties and how to use them. They are very often used with ink pads and inkpads can be used for business or personal purposes. Businesses can use ink pads for stamping important documents, and someone who likes to play around with paper crafts will use […]

Cheese Ink, Egg Ink, Meat Ink…. Whats next?!?

Posted by Joe @ Speedy   -   05/05/11   -   5 comments

What came first the egg, the cheese or the meat? I couldn’t believe my own eyes too when I found out about these new inks, but you think about it seriously you see stamps on eggs all the time, you see huge wheels of cheese with dates stamped on them and you see massive shoulders […]


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