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Rubber Stamps for the EUROS!

With the UEFA Championship kicking off this weekend, many football fans all over Europe are likely to be heading out to watch the match. The pubs and bars will be full to the brim with hopeful fans; with this in mind Speedy Stamps have some great stamp ideas to assist landlords and promoters over the coming weeks. Hand stamps are a great solution for entry, many bars and clubs use

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Self-Inking Hand Stamps onto Skin

Many companies come to us looking for stamps to use on skin; hand stamps are a popular method of controlling admission to all kinds of events. They provide a great visual to easily determine who has and hasn’t paid, certainly in bars and clubs where people may be drifting in and out.  Not only that, they are a much cheaper alternative to tickets or wrist bands. Check out our recommendations

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Custom Hand Stamps

Self-inking hand stamps are becoming more and more popular in Cafes, Bars and Clubs and other types of establishments or events. These stamps are skin friendly because the use water based ink. Self inking UV hand stamps mark your hand with an impression that cannot be seen by the naked eye, the impression can only be seen under the UV light. On a handy keying! Both custom stamp styles are

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Self Inking Hand Stamps

Self inking hand stamps are becoming more and more popular in cafes, Bars, clubs and other types of establishments or events.  Speedy stamps can supply you with a great range of self inking hand stamps and at the right price, from a UV self inking hand stamp to a nightclub logo stamp or a hand stamp with custom text. The latest UV stamps come in a range of colours, which

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Keeping a Track on your Patrons with Hand Stamps

If your business is events or based and you are having difficulty “keeping tabs” on your paying guests then hand stamps could offer you the ideal solution. It can be difficult, especially with large scale events where guests are free to leave and return at their leisure, to know who has already presented their admission ticket or paid for their entry. And let’s face it… paper tickets are expensive to

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Hand Stamps

  Hand stamps are becoming more and more ubiquitous in nature, everywhere you go you seem to see them. Whether it for use at events, promotions in bars or clubs or even use in schools, these nifty little stamps all must come from somewhere and that place is here at Speedy Stamps. These small, compact and easy-to-use Self-Inking Stamps are quick and simple way to identify your paying customers and

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