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Embossing Seals for Loyalty Cards!

Posted by speedystamps   -   15/02/16   -   1 comment

This week at Speedy Stamps we are launching a new range of embossing machines designed for use on loyalty cards! Our portable loyalty card embossing seals are hand held and lightweight so are great for use in a busy environment such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hair & beauty salons or any other retail outlets. […]

Embossing press for conceptual artist Dawn Cole

Posted by speedystamps   -   03/02/16   -   0 comments

For the past 3 years Dawn Cole has been making work in response to a small family archive containing the diary, photos and personal belongings of Clarice Spratling. Clarice was a young VAD Nurse who volunteered in 1915 and was posted to France where she served for the duration of WW1. Dawn Cole’s work develops […]

Embossing and Debossing Presses

Posted by speedystamps   -   08/07/15   -   2 comments

Embossing and debossing are both methods of creating a raised or recessed relief impression into paper and various other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material (but usually protrudes on the reverse of the page). To make either of the two impressions onto a surface the procedure […]

Hand Held Embossing Plier Seals

Posted by admin   -   25/06/12   -   10 comments

Hand Held Plier presses are used every day in various types of industries. Speedy Stamps supply a full range of Hand held Plier presses which are personally engraving with your customer design. Text and logo’s are very effective on these type of embossing products. It is imperative when selecting your embossing plier press that you […]

Embossing Stickers

Posted by admin   -   09/05/12   -   1 comment

We don’t just limit ourselves to rubber stamps and custom stamps here at Speedy; we like to offer those little extras. Self-adhesive embossing wafers stickers come in a choice of 3 gloss colours: gold, red and silver. Sold in packs of 50, all you need to do is simply emboss the wafer and simply stick […]

Using Embossing Stamps For Loyalty Cards

Posted by admin   -   13/04/12   -   9 comments

This is the answer to your problem of ink not drying on your loyalty cards! Designing your press/seal with your company logo and then you can begin to simply emboss your loyalty card and hand it straight to your customers – No ink, no mess! It’s also a safe and secure way of printing onto […]

Embossing Stamp Product Highlights

Posted by admin   -   02/04/12   -   2 comments

Our custom artwork embossers are perfect for those who like to express their creativity in myriad ways. Check out our range of embossers, carefully designed for your varying embossing needs. Our Hand Held Embossing Stamps can allow you to personalise your books or important documents in the most distinctive and classic manner.  Whether you’re looking […]

Hand Pliers & Desktop Company Seals

Posted by admin   -   02/03/12   -   0 comments

What’s the difference? Hand Plier Presses are portable and lightweight, easy to use and fit neatly into their own PVC wallets. You can emboss a paper thickness of up to 90 gsm. Desktop Company Seals emboss paper up to 120 gsm with your own personalised text design. What is Embossing? Embossing is basically an all-metal […]

Embossing presses

Posted by admin   -   22/06/09   -   5 comments

Looking to add a touch of class to your company letter head or even a wedding invitation? Why not order a embossing press, they can emboss paper upto 120gsm thickness. They work by cutting deep characters into the paper without breaking or ripping it, they can even be used on other materials. Used by many […]


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