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New Year, New Date Stamp!

With the start of a new year comes a new date stamp! Here at Speedy Stamps we stock various dater stamps suitable for all kinds of jobs! Date stamps are a great way of saving time and increasing productivity, we sell both self-inking and traditional rubber stamps and your stamp can come with a simple date function or a custom text plate to allow for your own personalised text or

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Rubber Changeable Date Stamps

Changeable dater stamp is a necessity for any office or bank environment, dater stamp machines are available in both Rubber and Self-inking. It makes your working day more productive when you need to use repetitive dates if carrying out accounting and book keeping duties. If you need to date items when received such as post, cheques, stock etc then these stamps are ideal for that purpose. You can also use

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Self inking Dater Stamps

Speedy Stamps supply a range of Self Inking Dater stamps to suit all individual needs and budgets. Our self inking date stamps come with 10 year changeable date bands. You can then add your own custom text, making your stamping impression bespoke and unique to you. It is always advisable when using a date stamp to have a border around the overall impression so that the date mechanism can sit

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Rubber Stock Dater Stamps

These low cost Rubber line dater stamps come with changeable bands that can last up to 10 years. Available in 3mm, 4mm, 7mm and 9mm character sizes. A separate ink pad is required for this item, but don’t worry! Speedy Stamps can supply you with a wide range, for you to choose from. Click here to visit the range of ink pads that we have on offer. Remember if you

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Traxx Custom Self-Inking Date Stamps

Save time and increase productivity! Changeable date stamps provide an easy and functional way to mark the dates on invoices, mail, bill, sales receipts and any other important documents. Date stamps or ‘dater’ are available in a number of different sizes and you can add personalised custom texts to the impressions for extra versatility. Whether it’s self inking or pre-inked, there is a changeable date stamp to meet your specific

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Dater Stamps

  The dater stamp is something every company needs, they can be used in a number of situations from filling in forms and paperwork to dating important parcels and timesheets. From as little as £5.98 you can save yourself countless man hours, they all come with 10 year changeable date bands to keep you equipped for a decade. Date stamps can even come in two colours and a variety of

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