Speedy Stamps is pleased to introduce a new home schooling custom stamp range.

Each personalised self inking stamp is a perfect way to help kids stay motivated during their lessons at home.

The pandemic has resulted in a lot of parents becoming home schooling teachers for their little ones over the recent weeks. And it’s looking to last for a while. Here’s some advice from us at Speedy Stamps on how you can get started:

  • If it’s not your regular job, take advice from the experts. If your school has sent teaching packs, use them, but the key is to keep your kid happy and healthy.
  • Stay in a routine. It’s the top tip on the government’s website and will help your kids stay focused on learning.
  • Make the most of free resources. These trusted sources are invaluable and will help you and your little ones continue learning.
  • Positive reinforcement works. Bringing in some rewards like stickers or stamps is a great way to keep your kids motivated and growing.

Here at Speedy Stamps, we can help with that last one. Positive reinforcement is used in schools across the country to help children gain confidence in their abilities. Rewarding positive behaviours and strengths at home can help them continue to develop. It could even encourage them to learn new skills and try new activities. Stamps are an ideal option for parents looking to start positive reinforcement at home. Particularly with our new Home Schooling Custom Stamp Range.

Designed using heavy-duty plastic with an ergonomically curved handle, these teacher stamps are long-lasting and ready to hand out hundreds and thousands of rewarding school stamps. At 22 x 22mm, they are compact and perfectly sized to decorate worksheets, stickers and maybe even the hands of talented students. 

Teachers who have used similar ones in the classroom say, “These little stamps have saved me so much time while sending colourful messages to my students with the adorable fun images”.

Each self inking stamp is fitted with its own easily replaced, built-in ink pad to save you mess and extend the life of the stamp. All you need to do is choose a colour – black, red, blue, green or violet – and your preferred design. Speaking of, there are 39 personalised stamp designs to choose from including bookworms, handwritings heroes, musical merits and more. Whatever design you choose, you can customise the text both above and below to make a truly unique reward stamp for your little learner.


These personalised stamps are an easy way you can make home schooling more fun. They’ll help keep your children focused, and they’re ideal for rewarding positive behaviour too. Buy one (or more if you’re feeling stamp-happy) today, and start home schooling: Speedy Stamps style.

We’re primarily a mail-order service, so you can get yours by following the link below:
https://www.speedystamps.co.uk/product/custom-text-home-schooling-stamp/ or by calling SPEEDY STAMPS on 0845 600 5311.

If you need some more information, you can contact us on 01603 487246 via WHATSAPP 7 days a week or through our live chat.