Every single day, nursing staff around the world go the extra mile for their patients. The 12th of May is a day dedicated to all of the nurses that do just that, International Nurses day is a great opportunity to give back and say thank you for the work they do every day.


Here at Speedy Stamps we have a great selection of products that make for the perfect personalised gift for any nurse out there! Have a look at our multi-functional pen stamps, not only do they work as a rollerball pen; there is a self-inking stamp inside the lid! These are commonly used to stamp a Nurses name and their NMC number on paper work and prescriptions! Add a personal touch to the outer casing with name engraved on the outside. You can find these handy stamps on our website by using the following link: http://www.speedystamps.co.uk/stamp-products/pocket-pen-stamps/pen-stamps/


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