Leather is a versatile material, whether it’s used for wallets, briefcases, bracelets, belts or shoes, personalised engraving gives an extra touch of elegance to this and many other surfaces. Here at Speedy Stamps we offer a personalised engraving service using our specialist laser technology.

Various types of leather are compatible for use with our laser whether that be cutting or engraving, this includes; natural leather, synthetic leather, napped leather, alcantara, nubuck, suede and velours. The process of laser engraving doesn’t apply any pressure onto the leather itself; the laser sublimates the leather surface, which means that the surface area that is affected simply evaporates. With increasing laser performance and decreasing travel speed, the depth of the engraving can be increased, so we can both engrave onto the surface but we can also use the laser to cut through the leather.

The advantage of using a laser machine on leather is the clean effect that is created; producing a clear and sealed cutting edge, thus ensuring the material will not fray. Unlike other methods, laser engraving is contactless. Leather is tough and produces significant resistance for the tool, and the only method completely exempt from this is the laser beam, guaranteed to produce consistently high-quality results. People often contact us looking for an embossing machine to emboss leather; this can only really be achieved with a heat embossing machine which can end up becoming a big expense. Without the power of heat embossing an impression into leather will soon drop out due to the nature of the material so laser engraving is the perfect permanent solution!

We recently completed a leather engraving job for Sofas.com, we were approached by their design team who was looking for an embossing machine to make an impression onto their leathers. We suggested our leather engraving service as an alternative solution; A&J provided a sample for our production team to test with their custom logo which we then sent back to them once engraved! They were very pleased with the results and decided to go with the engraving service we offer here at Speedy Stamps. A&J sent through a large sheet of leather hide that we carefully cut into sections and put straight onto our laser! Take a look at the pictures below of the engraving process and the results:

If you are interested in using our engraving services give us a call on 0845 600 5311 to discuss or drop us an e-mail at: mail@speedystamps.co.uk