This week at Speedy Stamps we are launching a new range of embossing machines designed for use on loyalty cards! Our portable loyalty card embossing seals are hand held and lightweight so are great for use in a busy environment such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hair & beauty salons or any other retail outlets. These machines will easily emboss Loyalty Cards up to 300gsm with a 10mm impression size, which is the ideal size for the sections on your loyalty cards. If you have ever experienced problems with ink not drying on your glossy Card then these are the perfect solution.

You can choose from eight popular logo designs featured on our website, all giving a 10mm embossed impression size. However if you are looking for your own custom logo simply drop us an e-mail with the logo / artwork required and we will be happy to provide a proof and prices for your bespoke design!

Embossers are despatched within 1-3 working days and postage is free of charge, check them out by using the following link:

Alternatively give us a call on 0845 600 5311 or send an e-mail to: