Speedy Stamps have recently introduced the new COLOP printer, this stamp is designed to integrate all the advantages of a self-inking stamp with a modern outstanding design. The XXL image window offers personalisation on the highest level making the stamp as unique as you are!

You can find these self-inking stamps on our website by following the below link:


These stamps come with a customisable image card, this is perfect for company branding such as logo’s and addresses! Not only that, photographs can be printed onto the image card making this stamp a great idea for a personalised gift, take your holiday memories or portraits of the family to the office with you!

Once you have ordered your stamp on the website, simply send an e-mail to mail@speedystamps.co.uk providing us with the image that you would like printing. A high res image will create the clearest impression.  Please remember to also quote your Order Number.

Other functions include; a transparent base to assist in lining up your stamp impression and easy ink pad exchange!