This week at Speedy Stamps we produced another extra-large rubber band stamp! This stamp has 6 adjustable number bands; each band is adjustable from 0 -9 with the option for a blank space, each digit having a character height of 40mm! The machine itself is around 30cm wide x 20cm tall x 10cm deep!

As you can see, the digits on each band are rotated to a horizontal position as our customer wanted to make a vertical impression when stamping. Also as our customer is stamping directly on to steel and metal surfaces, the rubber bands are made with acid and oil resistant rubber so that a specialist ink can be used with the stamp to adhere to these surfaces.  We sell various specialist inks for almost every surface, from metal to plastic, wood to rubber, meat to eggs!

Here at Speedy stamps we have a wide range of adjustable stamp products available on the website, however we are able to produce completely bespoke items.  Our stock adjustable band stamps can be used for stamping batch numbers or dates, but perhaps you are looking for a two tier stamp that does both of these things? Or maybe you require a combination of Alpha/numeric bands? Our production team specialise in producing bespoke and tailor-made stamps to meet your specific requirements, just let us know the details by sending an e-mail to: or give us a call on 0845 600 5311  and we will be happy provide a proof and prices for your approval.