Last week’s blog post was all about the Educational stamps we have available here at Speedy Stamps which inspired some of you to create some ‘back to school’ fun!  This included a school which placed a large order for some trusty stamp sets! Each of these sets (pictured below) includes six pre-inked stamps and a handy storage box.  These stamps are particularly quick and easy to use as they don’t require a separate ink pad, the stamp and ink is self- contained in the unit so you simply take one from the box and press down to make your impression.  Each stamp has its own slot to prevent them rolling around and the box has a clip lid, for ease during transportation.

These sets are available as stock items with set designs and colours; alternatively you can have completely bespoke designs with choice of colour for each individual stamp. This customer chose various artworks from our selection and paired them with their own choice of phrases, selecting red ink across the board!

We think these are great for anyone in an educational establishment as they are a fun and efficient, a great way of giving feedback to pupils! Not only are they something unique for students to look at following their work being marked, they can speed up the task of repetitive marking for the teacher.


If you are interested in getting your hands on one of our stamp sets, just give us a call on 0845 600 5311, alternatively you can e-mail us at One of our designers will be happy to assist with any stock or custom order.