So you’ve decided on purchasing a handy rubber stamp? Here at Speedy Stamps we use specialist technology to laser engrave the rubber for each stamp, this rubber is then fitted to one of our stamp units or mounts. There are a number of stamp varieties available and we are here to help you find exactly the right stamp for you!

The Self-inking Stamp: These stamps come as a self-contained unit whereby the ink pad is inside the stamp itself. The way these machines work is when your stamp is not in use your custom rubber die sits against an ink pad, when the stamp is pressed down, your die rotates away from the pad resulting in an inked impression on the surface you are stamping. When the stamp is released your die rotates back into the unit and again sits on the pad, the die then re-inks and is ready for the next impression. Self-inking stamps are an efficient way of stamping; however there are limitations on impression size. Our plastic self-inkers go up to a maximum impression size of approx. 73mm x 35mm. We do however stock a professional metal range that are a little more expensive but being heavy duty give an increased impression size of up to approx. 100mm x 50mm. All Self-inking stamps usually give you a few thousand impressions before replacement ink pads / re-inking is required.


The Pre-inked Stamp: These stamps also come as a self-contained unit; however these work slightly differently to the self-inker. Pre-inked stamps have an ink reservoir inside the unit that allows ink to soaks through to the die. Again with these you simply apply downwards pressure to the top of the stamp and the die makes an inked impression onto the surface. Pre-inked stamps are efficient and provide great impression clarity, the added bonus with these pre-inked stamps is they have a relatively large impression size of 120mm x 90mm – not only that, they last much longer than most other stamps at around 30-50 thousand impressions! When the ink does eventually dry out, you can just top up the ink reservoir and your stamp will be ready to go again.


The Traditional Rubber Stamp: These kinds of stamps are usually what first springs to mind when you think of a rubber stamp. The rubber text plate is fitted to a plastic or perspex mount which then has either a plastic or wooden handle; this is then used with a separate ink pad. The benefit of a traditional rubber stamp is they can be produced at sizes up to around 200mm wide and we have various ink pads available in different sizes to suit your impression size. Like the ink pads in a self-inking stamp you should get a few thousand impressions from your pad before it needs replacing / re-inking.Rubber-Blog

If you need to know more or if you are still unsure about which of our stamps would be most suitable for your requirements just send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 0845 600 5311, we are always happy to assist you!