Embossing and debossing are both methods of creating a raised or recessed relief impression into paper and various other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material (but usually protrudes on the reverse of the page). To make either of the two impressions onto a surface the procedure requires two dies, these dies then fit into one another so when the paper is placed between the plates and pressed together it makes the impression onto the stock! Embossing presses are commonly used in Educational institutes for certificates or Notary Public’s to authenticate official documents.

Here at Speedy Stamps we sell a variety of presses to meet your needs! To enable us to identify the most suitable press for your requirements, this is what we need to know;

  • Paperweight: The first thing we need to know is the maximum paperweight in which you are going to be embossing; this will determine how heavy duty your press needs to be! Our lighter-weight hand held presses are suitable for papers up to 90gsm and it goes up from there!
  • Size: The larger the impression size, the more heavy duty the press needs to be to ensure that enough pressure can be applied by the press to make an even impression.
  • Design: Our prices are based on the complexity of the design, prices start at £51.00 + vat for a text only design on our Ideal Hand Held embossing press. If you require a logo or artwork simply send the files over to us via e-mail (mail@speedystamps.co.uk) and we can provide a quote for your approval. Artworks with very fine detail can sometimes give a poor impression but our designers at Speedy Stamps would advise if your design is not suitable prior to production.

Please use the Guide shown below to assist you in identifying basic information about each of the presses available on our Speedy Stamps website (www.speedystamps.co.uk);

Embossing Presses

If have any special requirements or just can’t see what you are looking for, maybe a heavier paper weight or larger impression size? Please let us know and we would be happy to advise you further.