Wedding stationery is all the rage at the moment! With the boom of social media, e-mails and text messaging; receiving a letter the traditional way via your postman often feels like a novelty and good news is always a lovely surprise! Here at Speedy Stamps we have launched some new wedding stamp designs to ensure that your wedding stationery will stand out and make an impression on your guests! We have various designs that can be used to personalise your ‘save the date’ cards and wedding invites. Take a look at a few of our templates;


This stamp design is ideal for stamping everything! It can be used across the board, from sealing envelopes to stamping the place cards for tables at the wedding reception. We just need to know the Bride and Grooms initials!


This template is great for ‘Save the Date’ cards and invitations; it’s a good one for giving your guests all of the key information in a quirky way. Stamping your stationery has a handmade and personal feel and will also save you money on print costs!


This simplistic design is another great way of fitting as much information as possible on your stamp! This template includes names, location, date and initials!


This stamp includes your new shared marital names and your home address, not only can it be used for RSVP’s on the run up to the big day, your stamp can be used again and again in the future as a personalised return address on your post. If you are a guest attending a wedding, this one is a nice idea for a personalised wedding gift!


All of these designs are available with the option to choose your style of stamp! Traditional rubber stamp with wooden handle and separate ink pad is the traditional option, just like the big day perhaps? Self-inking stamps are also available for ease of use and efficient stamping or to really ‘seal the deal’ you could purchase one of our presses suitable for making an embossed impression into paper or card.