Here at Speedy Stamps we stock a wide range of bottled inks that are perfect for use with traditional rubber stamps and self-inking stamps.  Our specialist inks are suited for stamping onto an array of materials, take a look at our extensive range;

Popular Inks

110 Endorsing Ink: Our most popular ink is endorsing ink, suitable for both self-inkers and traditional rubber stamps. This ink comes as standard in our ink pads and as it is water based ink it is suitable for stamping uncoated paper, card, skin and other absorbent materials.

191 Quick drying ink: Another popular choice is 191 ink, again suitable for both self-inkers and traditional rubber stamps. This ink is often used with self-inking stamps on loyalty cards as it is most suited for glossy or coated surfaces including coated paper, plastic, metal, electronic boards, textile and unpainted wood. Drying time is faster than the water based ink and once dry it leaves a permenant impression. If used with a self-inking stamp we would recommend keeping the ink pad inside your stamp topped up regularly to ensure the ink doesn’t dry out in the pad.

196 Fast drying ink: This ink is only for use with traditional rubber stamps and a seperate ink pad,  we recommend our UNIPAD Ink pad.  (The UNIPAD s are suitable for solvent based inks and assist in keeping the ink moist for longer).  This ink is one of our faster drying inks to use on non-absorbent materials, coated paper, plastic, metal, electronic boards, textile,  unpainted wood and especially effective for polyethylene and polypropylene!

Food/Food Packaging

119 Food Packaging ink: This ink is ideal for stamping on all non-porus food packing, it dries quickly in approximately 10 seconds, meeting the EU requirements for food packing and standard 2001/62/EG.

992 Freezer Bag marking ink: This is another specialist ink suitable for stamping plastic bags that go in the freezer. For use with traditional rubber stamps and our UNIPAD ink pad, it dries in approximately 10-15 seconds.

Other inks related to food include; 170 Egg marking ink, 510 Cheese marking ink and 111 Meat Marking ink! These inks are perfect for anyone that needs to stamp ‘best before’ dates on their produce. Let us know if you need help finding the appropriate stamp for the job!


UV Inks

110 UV Ink: This UV ink is a water based ink designed for use on paper and it is especially popular for use on skin. This ink is often used in nightclubs for controlling entry. Again, this ink can be used with both self-inking stamps and traditional rubber stamps. We also have available UV lamps and key ring torch kits for use with this ink!

199 UV Ink: This UV ink is to be used with traditional rubber stamps and a separate ink pad, this one can be stamped onto Glossy papers, metals, plastics, rubber tyres, and foils and the impression would be visible under ultra violet light. You could perhaps use these products for security and property marking!

117 Neon Ink: Available in green, orange, pink and yellow not only are these inks neon in colour they glow under a UV light on both skin and paper! We think these are great for nightclub events!




We have various inks that can be used for marking textiles/cloth. All garments should be pre-washed prior to stamping to ensure any remaining chemicals in the fabric are washed away. Drying time for these inks is approx 60 seconds! See below;

320 Textile Marking ink for Traditional rubber stamps

325 Textile Marking ink for Self-inking stamps

8300P Cloth ink for Traditional rubber stamps


131 Tyre Marking ink: Available in White and Yellow ink these 50ml bottles designed to mark rubber tyres, drying time is approx 60 seconds and must be used with a traditional rubber stamp and ink pad.

438 Stainless Steel Ink: This pigmented ink has been developed specifically for stamping an impression onto stainless steel, it is available in black, blue and red.

218 Document Marking Ink: This ink is ideal for use in libraries, archives and other industries for stamping both official and important documents. This ink is a resin-free so it would not effect the paper materials you are stamping!

Re-fill ink for Pre-inked stamps

Here at Speedy Stamps we stock pre-inked stamps in two different brands, Colop and Trodat. Although these stamps have a long life and can give you 30-50thousand impressions, we do sell bottled inks to top those up when they do eventually run dry; both inks come in 10ml bottles and are available in black, blue, red, green or violet.

You can find all of these inks under the bottled inks section; . If you are unsure which ink is most suited to your requirements please conatct us and we would be happy to recommend the most appropraie ink.  Our production team are always happy to complete some quality testing if you prefer to send over a sample of your material to us at Speedy Stamps, this would provide you with a true visual of the effect created!