Many companies come to us looking for stamps to use on skin; hand stamps are a popular method of controlling admission to all kinds of events. They provide a great visual to easily determine who has and hasn’t paid, certainly in bars and clubs where people may be drifting in and out.  Not only that, they are a much cheaper alternative to tickets or wrist bands.

Check out our recommendations for stamping onto skin:

Self-inking stamps are generally the most convenient kind of stamp for making an impression onto skin, there is no need for a separate ink pad as these stamps use a rotating mechanism pressing the die against the self-contained pad within the unit! Handy and efficient especially when the doorman has a long queue waiting!

We would recommend the Traxx brand that is available on our website, see the link below; . The ink in these stamps is skin friendly and with it being water based endorsing ink it washes off with soap and water!

In terms of the artwork for your stamp, you can have almost anything! However we would advise that you use an outlined image rather than a design with block colour.  Please remember that when ink comes into contact with skin it does bleed slightly, from past experience the Traxx stamps create the best results on skin. Note the larger the surface area of the impression, the more ink is required.

Size matters! Please consider the size of the impression that is going to be stamped onto the top of your customer’s hand! For adults hands we would recommend an impression no larger 35-40mm wide and for a child’s hand no larger than 20-25mm wide.

If you have text on your stamp, avoid font sizes that are too small, use a clear typeface to get the best results, (for example Arial). If you can space the text out slightly so that letters aren’t too close together this will give a better impression to take into account the slight bleed that will occur on skin.

Self-Inking Hand Stamps onto Skin

If you are interested in creating a stamp for your event, you can place your order on our website using our awesome design tool! Any queries don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 600 5311 or pop over an e-mail to: .  First class postage is free on all orders with a net value that exceeds £13.50 **UK ONLY** and if your order is completed by 12.00 noon the goods will be dispatched the same working day. Orders placed after this time will be dispatched the following day.