Oversized Rubber Stamps are very popular for stamping paper bags, textiles etc. They are a great way of branding your stationery and other products branded up without the worry of about expensive printing costs. Check out our tips for ensuring the best impression is achieved from your large Rubber Stamp;

First of all we always recommend stamping onto a completely flat and smooth surface to ensure that you get an even impression. Any area on the surface that is raised higher than another will pick up more ink, likewise any area that is dipped may not pick up sufficient ink.

Traditional Rubber Stamps require a separate ink pad, when designing your Rubber Stamp it is useful to note the ink pad sizes we have available at www.speedystamps.co.uk. Sizes start at 110x70mm up to 300x220mm – we recommend that ink pads should be at least 10mm larger than your impression so that your stamp fits inside the pad. Please note by reducing the impression size by a few millimetres can sometimes result in you requiring a smaller ink pad, thus reducing the cost.

When inking up your stamp we advise you dab lightly onto the ink pad a number of times with even pressure, rather than pressing hard on the ink pad just once – this way the rubber dye picks up ink on all areas and any areas that missed with the first dab should pick up when dabbed again. *Tip: avoid rocking the stamp on the ink pad – you don’t want the stamp mount to pick up ink as this will appear on your impression.

When designing your large Rubber Stamp – try to avoid too much space between printable areas. With your stamp having a large surface area, sometimes if you have big gaps of ‘empty space’ the stamp can pick up excess ink in areas that it shouldn’t. Our production team always try to avoid this by cutting the rubber deeper along with cutting out the rubber dye as close to the impression outline as possible.

Large stamps use up much more ink, especially when a design has a large printable area; for example, when a design is inverted whereby the background is actually the area that picks up ink rather than the text or logo. We do usually recommend that you invert your impression so you have an outlined design instead to get the best impression however if you don’t mind a few discrepancies in your impression it can look quite effective – often the beauty in a custom stamp is your impression is different every time!

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