When designing a custom rubber stamp there are a few things you should try to avoid to ensure you get the best results from your stamp. Take a look at what we recommend at http://www.speedystamps.co.uk :

1 – Avoid font sizes smaller than 7 point. The Speedy Stamps design tool on our website has a minimum point size of 7pt, this is to ensure text is legible and it does not allow you to select anything smaller. If you have a ready prepared artwork you are uploading or sending via e-mail please check the font size. Our typesetters and designers here at http://www.speedystamps.co.uk  will check legibility before production but this is something to think about before ordering your stamp to be sure you will be totally happy with it.

2 – Avoid setting text with a fine typeface. Using Sans-serif fonts, such as Arial or Calibri, are generally good fonts to choose in terms of legibility. Sometimes text set with a serif typeface (the fonts with a small line at the end of each stroke, Times New Roman for example), can become illegible due to loss of details on those little lines that project from the font. If you use a specific font in your logo or artwork design that you think may be a fine text just pop it through to us via e-mail at:  mail@speedystamps.co.uk and one of our Typesetters/Designers can assist you. *TIP: changing these fine fonts to bold often thickens them up enough for our laser.

3 – Avoid anything with too much detail. When using artwork or imagery (such as complex logos), it is best to avoid anything with very fine detail – remember the quality of a stamp impression is not the same as a print out and these fine details may be lost in the stamping process.

4 – Avoid large areas of block colour in your design. There are many designs that come through where the background of the design picks up the ink and the text is empty – we usually recommend inverting a design like this so that the rubber dye picks the ink up on the text areas rather than a block of background area.  … *TIP: if you are going for a rustic look and you don’t mind discrepancies in your impression – this can look quite effective!

5 – Our final tip… Avoid ordering from a company that is not called Speedy Stamps 🙂