We love Halloween here at Speedy Stamps, and we love seeing all your wonderful custom Halloween stamp orders!

If you’re feeling crafty, here are some simple and spooky ideas for your Halloween cards. They’re great to make with kids, or to send to big kids!

Spooky Spiders

This creepy spider card is so easy to make. All you need is a custom spider stamp (or you could draw the design if you don’t mind the spiders all being a bit different), some felt tip pens, some card and some string. It’s a really great one to do with the kids as they can customise their spiders and give them all different faces!


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Googly Eyes

We love the sheer simplicity of this card, and it’s so effective too! Just stick some googly eyes onto a folded piece of black card to give the impression of lots of creatures hiding in the dark. Don’t forget, you either need some white paper put inside the card to write your message, or a white or silver pen!


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The Mummy

This is such a good idea and you can customise it using whatever materials you have lying around. In this example strips of paper have been “aged” and used as the mummy’s wrapping, but you could use fabric or even loo roll!


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Gothic Spiders

This card is a great way to use a custom spider stamp to create a creepy gothic effect. Just use vintage-effect card and black ink for the spider web.


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Creepy Cats

This final card is so much fun, and another one that kids will love. All you need is some black card to cut out the cats, some googly eyes, and some string for their whiskers!


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If you’d like to have a custom Halloween stamp made, just head over to our online stamp designer to get started. We even do orange ink – perfect for Halloween!