We love to cover card-making ideas here at Speedy Stamps, but something we don’t talk about much is stamping on fabric.

Thanks to TV shows like the Great British Sewing Bee, sewing and dressmaking have become ever more popular in recent years, and one of the best things about it (in our opinion!) is getting to choose some lovely fabric to work with.

Instead of buying a length of fabric ready-made from a shop, we think it’s a great idea to go the extra mile and make your own fabric pattern. It’s super easy with one of our customised stamps and some specialist textile ink.

You could stamp literally anything onto your fabric, from a repeating pattern to a free-form image, using one stamp or many. Here are some examples of lovely homemade stamped fabric to give you inspiration!


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Woodland patterns are all the rage at the moment, whether that’s owls, stags or fox-print like the fabric above. If you want to be on-trend this autumn, a woodland stamp is the way to go.


Image source

This repeating pattern is so lovely and it looks really professional. If you’re going for a repeat pattern then simplicity is the key, and geometric shapes are a good starting point as they’re quite easy to line up.


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This dandelion-stamped fabric looks great, with a simple and modern design picked out in two complementing colours. All you need to create something like this is two differently-coloured inks!

Once you’ve stamped your fabric you don’t have to use it for dressmaking. You could make cushions, curtains, or even use it to wrap a gift in for some really eco-friendly wrapping paper – it’s up to you!