Our stamps come in two basic types – self-inking stamps and those that need a separate ink pad. You can use pretty much any ink with any stamp, but the format for each type of stamp is slightly different. Let’s take a look at your options below.

Ink For Rubber Stamps

If you have a rubber stamp with a separate ink pad, the most popular choice is one of our standard ink pads. These come in black, blue, red, green or violet and accommodate any size of rubber stamp. If you’d like to use a different ink, you can buy a dry ink pad that’s perfect for use with both water and oil-based inks. The idea of a dry ink pad is that you choose whichever bottled ink you like, and pour it onto the pad ready for use with your stamp.

Ink for Self-Inking Stamps

If you order a self-inking stamp you can also choose from one of our standard ink colours – the only difference being that the ink is already in the stamp so you don’t need a separate ink pad. We stock a full range of refill bottles for all our stamp brands so you can top-up whenever you need to.

Bottled Inks

As well as our standard ink colours, we stock a huge range of bottled inks that are suitable for use with traditional rubber stamps and self-inking stamps – if you’d like your self-inking stamp to use one of these inks just let us know when you order. Our range of bottled inks includes:

– Quick drying ink for use on glossy paper and card
– Quick drying ink for use on plastic, metal and glass
– Ink for use on cloth
– Tyre marking ink
– Neon ink that glows under UV light
– Inks for use on coated paper, wood, metal, electronics boards, foils, stone and plastics
– UV ink for use on skin
– UV ink for use on coated paper, metal, plastic, foils and tyres
– Egg marking ink
– Cheese marking ink
– Meat marking ink

You can use these inks with one of our dry ink pads, or use them in your self-inking stamp. If you have a stamp with a separate ink pad however one advantage is that you can use more than one ink with the stamp. This is useful if you’d like the same stamp to leave two different coloured impressions for example.

Which Ink Do You Need?

If you’re unsure about which ink to buy we’re happy to help – just drop us a line with your requirements and we’ll help you choose the best ink for your application.