Handmade and homemade are big wedding themes for 2014 and we’re sure this trend will continue for many years to come. The increase in popularity of DIY weddings is partly thanks to TV shows like Kirstie’s Homemade Home that have encouraged us to get crafty, and partly because we’ve all wanted to save a few pennies over the last few years. As people realise they can have their dream wedding without blowing the budget we’ve seen much more creativity when it comes to wedding themes and decorations.

Our custom stamps are the perfect way to give your wedding the handmade touch, so read on for our favourite ideas on how to use them.

Stamp Your Invitations


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We love this “save the date” stamp idea for your wedding invitations. There’s one stamp with a calendar of the month you’re getting married, and another stamp to pick out the date you’ve chosen. You could even just circle the date with coloured ink or draw a heart around it – how you customise each invitation is up to you. Use thick paper and a nice envelope – Kraft paper envelopes give a really handmade look.

The great thing about this wedding invitation idea is that you’ll save on printing costs, especially if you want to use high quality paper and ink. You can pick up craft paper quite cheaply and each invitation can be customised exactly how you want it.

Incorporate Your Theme


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You’ve probably chosen a theme for your wedding, whether that’s vintage, Scottish, 1920’s or even nautical like the image above. Whatever your theme, your custom stamp is a great way to incorporate it into your invitations, place cards or thank you cards. There’s no need to worry about having your theme printed on everything – with a custom stamp you can put your chosen image wherever you like and carry your theme across your whole wedding from start to finish.

Stamp Your Place Cards


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Wedding table place cards are another area that lends itself to being handmade and we love the idea above. All you need is some high quality cardstock (you could even use the same card as your invitations), and your themed wedding stamp to make a background. Just write each name on the card and place it in a holder of your choice. Corks are a really popular idea but even just folding the card so it stands up works well.

Wedding Favours


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Wedding favours are an important part of any big day – they’re a small way to thank your friends and family for coming and helping to make your wedding special. Whatever favours you choose, we love this idea of using a Kraft paper gift tag stamped with the word “thank you” to tie around them.

You can also use a thank you stamp on the thank you letters you send out after your wedding. It’s nice to include a personal letter too, for example if someone brought you a gift, but you could stamp the paper itself or even the envelope to carry on your handmade theme.

Our Wedding Stamps

We hope this has given you a little crafty inspiration on how you can use custom stamps in your wedding – it’s really amazing how versatile they are and remember, we can create a stamp with just about any image so they’re perfect whatever your theme. If you’d like to order or would like more information, head over to our wedding stamps page to take a look at all the options on offer.