When it comes to ordering a custom stamp the options can seem a bit bewildering. There are lots of different brands to choose from, not to mention non-inked and pre-inked stamps, stock and custom stamps. So how do you pick the right one for your needs? Well, this handy little guide should help.

Custom vs. stock stamps

The most important question is probably whether you want a custom stamp or a stock stamp. If you’d like your company logo, web address or postage address and phone number – in other words, something unique to your business, then you’ll need a custom stamp.

If you want something generic like a date stamp or stock symbol (coffee bean, star, “paid” etc) then you’ll need a stock stamp. Luckily we have lots of different designs in stock, from office stamps to loyalty card stamps and date stamps.

Ink pad vs. self-inking

Most of our stock stamps are self-inking, meaning that they contain an ink reservoir as part of the stamp. All you have to do is press the stamp down onto your surface, and the ink is automatically applied to each impression. Self-inking stamps generally give you thousands of impressions before needing a refill, so they’re the perfect choice for being used in volume. As the ink is part of the stamp they’re also a good choice if they’ll be moved around the office, as you won’t have to worry about finding an ink pad!

Some of our custom stamps are also self-inking like these ones by Traxx, so again if you stamp things in volume they’re a good choice.

Many of our rubber stamps (like the ones found here require a separate ink pad – they have a wooden handle where the ink reservoir would be on a self-inking stamp. Arguably they’re a little more pleasing to look at than self-inking stamps, but the main advantage is that you can use various colours of ink whereas with a self-inking stamp you’re limited to one.

Ink pad stamps are perfect for someone who stamps a lower volume of items, and who wants their stamp to feel a little more handmade.

Of course, all of our custom stamps are made with the same attention to detail and the laser-cut design means you’ll get thousands of crystal clear impressions, no matter which type of stamp you opt for.

Hopefully that’s help you understand the different types of stamps a bit better – why not head over to our shop and get started ordering yours?