Do you run a small business website, Etsy shop or even have retail premises? If you sell products to the public then investing in a company stamp is a great way to help your shop’s image and marketing. Presentation is everything when it comes to selling, so incorporating a custom stamp into your business is a really simple way to lift your image.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways a company stamp can be a great addition to your shop.

It’s personal

Our custom rubber stamps are not only beautifully made, they give your packaging and invoices a lovely personal touch too. This is especially relevant for shops that sell craft items, handmade goods or gifts – if your business relies on being handmade then a stamp ties in perfectly with what you do.


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You could have your shop logo made into a stamp and use it on your packaging. The first thing that someone will see when their parcel is delivered is your logo stamped on the outside, so they’ll know it’s from you straight away.

If you run a stall, leave some cards on the table with your web address stamped on – not only do they look more professional than handwritten cards, they let people remember your website for later.

It can save you money


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If you’ve tried to market your business you’ll know that marketing ain’t cheap. From getting flyers printed to having business cards made, you can spend a fortune on promotional material. If you have a custom stamp however you can pretty much make your own – just make sure that any relevant information like your website or phone number is included on your stamp. Then when you need some more flyers or business cards just buy some blank cardstock and stamp your own!

It’s versatile

We’ve mentioned including relevant information on your stamp, but you don’t have to stop at just one. Maybe your company undertakes different activities that need different stamps – one for your packaging and one for your invoices for example. We can make company stamps with just about anything on them from a logo to typography, and you’ll be able to use them thousands of times however you like.


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It’s cost-effective

Our custom stamps cost from £11.20 for a wooden handle stamp which needs a separate ink pad, and £13.20 for a self-inking stamp. They’re so well made you’ll get thousands of crystal clear impressions from them, meaning all your promotional material and packaging is taken care of for years to come.